Why Cannot Antivirus Protect Your Computer 100%?

Antivirus is a computer program that helps to detect and remove viruses from the computer. Antivirus helps a lot to protect the data of the user. But does antivirus protect the computer 100%?

Does Antivirus Protect The Computer 100%?

No, an antivirus program can never protect your computer 100%. Yes, it will protect your computer from most viruses and malware but not all viruses and malware.

Why Cannot Antivirus Protect Your Computer 100%?

Antivirus cannot protect your computer from viruses and malware because every day lots of new viruses and malware are created. Antivirus can detect only those viruses which information are already exist on the antivirus program. If a new virus is created, an antivirus cannot detect that new virus. That's why antivirus companies provide software updates so often with the new virus information on it. And you must update your antivirus computer program to be safe.


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