5 Tips To Become A Computer Genius | How To Become A Computer Genius?

Being a computer genius or knowing how to use a computer is one of the great skills in today's world. If you want to become a computer genius or expert then here are 5 tips that will help to develop your computer skill or to become a computer genius/expert. To become a computer genius you should have to follow these tips. You have to spend your time learning and developing new computer-related skills.

Learn Computer Basic To Become A Computer Genius

In order to become a computer genius, you have to learn computer basics. If you are new to computers, then this is the most necessary step. You should know what is a computer? How does the computer work? What is the use of Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU? What is Software/Hardware? etc. To learn computer basics you can go search on YouTube and Google and learn it by watching videos and reading articles on different websites. There are lots of professionals who provide Computer Basic Courses on the Internet. You can Google all these kinds of stuff. You can also take classes from professionals from the computer institutes in your city to improve your basic computer knowledge.

Learn To Use Different Operating System(OS) To Become A Computer Genius

After gaining some basic knowledge of computers, you should learn how to operate a computer that has a different operating system. You don't need to change your primary computer OS. But, you should know how to use different operating systems. You should know how to use Windows Computer, LINUX Computer, Apple macOS, Android, and other popular operating systems. It will help you to understand what do these operating systems do. Which operating system is made for whom? How did an operating system work? etc

Gain Advanced Skill To Become A Computer Genius

After learning computer basic, you can learn advanced skills like Computer Programming, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, Mobile App Development, Games development, hacking, etc. You can learn all the things or choose one computer advance skill and develop it in yourself. You can even make your career after learning these skills. If you learned programming and app development, you can make an application and earn money through it. You can learn Graphics designing and start photo and video editing and earn money through the skill. I mean there are a lot of advantages if you develop an advanced computer skill. Some people choose computer programming, some choose graphics designing and others. You can choose one or more than one and start learning it to become a pro computer genius.

Become A Troubleshooter To Become A Computer Genius

If you are a computer genius and don't know to fix computer-related problems and errors then why you are still called a computer genius. While using the computer, you will get lots of errors, problems, and bugs. You should know how to fix that problem on your computer. If you can't find the way to solve that computer problem you can take the help of the Internet. You can Google the problem or watch a video on YouTube related to your problem. You have to be smart always while using the computer. So try to become a troubleshooter who fixes all the computer-related errors and issues quickly and easily.

Learn More About Computer To Become A Computer Genius

A computer genius is always the best learner because he/she knows learning is the only thing that makes him/her a computer genius. If you have become a computer genius, that doesn't mean you know everything about the computer. There are still lots of things even computer genius/expert doesn't know. So you should always invest your time in learning new computer-related things. Again to do that, you can take the help of the Internet. You can search stuff on Google and YouTube and other websites.

In Conclusion, Start learning computer basics then learn some advanced skills related to computers to become a computer genius.

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