5 Tips To Become A Computer Genius

If you want to become a computer genius or expert then you need to follow these five tips. Remember you have to follow these tips every day, every month, and every year if you want to become a real computer genius. Those 5 tips are:

1. Learn Computer Basic

Before learning anything, first of all, you have to complete your basic knowledge. You should know what is a computer?, how does computer work, what is the CPU, monitor, keyboard, how it works?, etc. So, you must learn computer basics for starting your journey of becoming a computer genius.


2.Learn To Use Different Operating System(OS)

You must know to operate different operating system like Ms-Windows, macOS, LINUX, etc. So, that you will have the idea of what is the difference between these operating systems, what's the unique features does these operating systems have?, etc.

3. Gain Advanced Skill

After completing computer basic knowledge you should go for computer advanced skills like programming, creating apps, websites development, graphics designing, etc. And you can even earn money by using these advanced skills.

4.Become A Troubleshooter

While using a computer you will face a lot of errors and problems. You have to try to fix those problems by yourself. If your friends, parents or anyone who is facing an error message on the computer then you should know the solutions of that error. If you can't find solutions then you can use google or youtube for the solution.

5. Learn New Things Daily 

You should always learn something new related to computers. You should watch videos related to computers on youtube, read articles and blogs on the internet, etc. You can even read article on smarttechtip.com.

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