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5 Awesome Smartphone Tricks And Hacks

Now you will know 5 Awesome Smartphone Tricks and Hacks that will help you a lot. Dial Last Phone Number Quickly If you press the Call Button, The Last Phone Number you have called will automatically dial. Navigate Through Text Easily All of us had got irritated while navigating through text, right. But this problem is over now. If you want to navigate through the text quickly and easily, hold the space button of the keyboard and navigate through the text on your smartphone. Solve Poor Connection Problem If your smartphone is not connecting to the network properly, turn on Airplane Mode and turn off the Airplane Mode. After this, your smartphone may get a connection to the nearest Network tower quickly. Assitant Menu In Assistant Menu, you will get lots of easy-to-reach buttons like a screenshot, volume control, screen off, screen control, etc. To Enable Assitant Menu Open Smartphone Settings. Go To Accessibility Option. Go To Interaction and Dexterity Option Enable Assitant Menu. Or S

Why Cannot Antivirus Protect Your Computer 100%?

Antivirus is a computer program that helps to detect and remove viruses from the computer. Antivirus helps a lot to protect the data of the user. But does antivirus protect the computer 100%? Does Antivirus Protect The Computer 100%? No, an antivirus program can never protect your computer 100%. Yes, it will protect your computer from most viruses and malware but not all viruses and malware. Why Cannot Antivirus Protect Your Computer 100%? Antivirus cannot protect your computer from viruses and malware because every day lots of new viruses and malware are created. Antivirus can detect only those viruses which information are already exist on the antivirus program. If a new virus is created, an antivirus cannot detect that new virus. That's why antivirus companies provide software updates so often with the new virus information on it. And you must update your antivirus computer program to be safe.   Read More Do You Really Need To Install Antivirus On Your Computer? What Happen If I

Facebook Has Become A Trillion Dollar Company

For the last 17 years, Facebook has connected to billions of people through the Internet. Facebook has been a game-changing company in the world. It has made lots of innovation and today's tech stuff like Facebook App, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. And all the people love the Facebook products, the platform it provides to us. And because of this now Facebook has become a Trillion-Dollar Company. On Monday, June 28, 2021, Facebook crosses the valuation of 1 Trillion dollars. Now, Facebook has become the fifth company after Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Facebook has also become the first social media company to achieve this milestone.

5 Websites For Photo And Video Editors

Internet is full of millions of websites. In this post, you will know about 5 Websites for photo and video editing. And all the websites mentioned here are free. On you can remove the background of any image for free. Simply, upload the image and wait for a second you will get an image with transparent background. On you can remove the background of the video for free. To remove the background of the video, upload the video and wait for a while you will get your video without the background. Photopea is an online version of photoshop. You can edit pictures like photoshop on If you have used or seen the Photoshop layout then you will know what type of website it is. If you want to draw something then simply visit the website called On this site, you can draw anything you want. If you want to design anything like Facebook Posts, Logos, Business Banner, Ad video, etc then you mu

Should I Allow Cookies on Websites?

  If you visit different websites, then you might know lots of websites ask permission for Cookies. What is Cookies? Why do websites ask for cookies? Should You Allow Cookies On Websites? What is Cookies? Internet Cookies or Cookies are small files created by the browser that stores your browsing behavior like what type of content you consume on the internet, in which website pages you spend your lots of time, etc. Why Do Websites Ask For Cookies? Websites ask for Cookies to show you ads or content according to your interest. For example, let say you allow cookies on A website .  Now, if you visit another website and consuming smartphone-related content, then that A website will show you smartphone-related ads or content on their website. Are Cookies Risky For Our Privacy? Yes and No. Since the cookies are on your computer, there is not a lot of risks. But if your computer gets hacked, then it might be harmful. Should You Allow Cookies On Websites? Yes, if you want to see personalized

What Happen If I Install 2 Antivirus On 1 Computer?

Have you ever tried or wonder what will happen, If we Install 2 Antivirus programs on a computer. Will the computer protection increase? Will The Computer Become Unhackable? What will really happen after installing 2 Antivirus programs on a computer? What Will Happen If I Install 2 Antivirus On 1 Computer? To understand it, first of all, let's talk about what does antivirus programs do. An antivirus program scans the computer system and detects if there is any malicious file or not. While scanning a file, the antivirus checks all the entry points of a computer from where a malicious file can enter. If you download any file from the Internet or insert any external drive, the antivirus will first scan it properly and will tell you if there is any vulnerability in the file or not. While scanning the file, the antivirus program uses RAM, processor, storage and if you use a laptop then it uses battery too for sure. So an antivirus program does these things. Now If 2 antivirus is install

How To Block Websites On Chrome, FireFox and Other Browsers?

  If you are distracted by addictive websites like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, and other websites, then you should block these websites. It is not a bad thing to visit these websites unless you are spending your whole time on these or any random non-useful website. If you want to save lots of precious time then you must block these or any website. But, How Can You Block Websites On Your Browser? How To Block Website On Google Chrome and Other Browsers? To Block Website On Google Chrome And Other Browers. Install BlockSite - Stay Focused and Control Your Time Extension You can go to Chrome Web Store or their Official Website to download this extension. Click On The Extension Icon On The Top-Right Corner Of The Browser. Click On The Installed Extension. Add the website URL you want to block. Now, the website is blocked. You cannot visit the website unless you remove it from the blocklist. Read More: Chrome For Android - 5 Google Chrome For Android Tricks 12 Useful Shortc

Top 5 Announcement For Windows 11

  So Finally, Microsoft has released their new Windows Operating System called Windows 11 on their recent Windows Event on 24 June 2021. Microsoft has announced lots of things with New Microsoft Windows 11. Some of them are: Native Android App Support Windows 11 will support Android Apps. That means you can use Android Apps on Windows 11. You can use Android App on Windows 11 through Amazon Appstore using Intel Bridge Technology. Easier Multitasking Now multitasking is going to be a lot easier than earlier windows OS. You can easily arrange opened Windows/Program with the "Snap Layouts" option. Enhanced Gaming Experience Windows 11 is going to be the best gaming operating system. On Windows 11, you will get DirectStorage API and Auto HDR for an enhanced Gaming Experience.   Free Upgrade For Windows 10 Users If you are a Windows 10 user, then you can easily upgrade to Windows 11. You don't need to pay anything. It is going to be a free upgrade. Windows 11 Updates For Every

Why You Should Stop Using Windows 7 Right Now?

  I have seen lots of people using Windows 7 and older versions of Windows operating systems like WindowsXP, Windows Vista, etc which is kind of a wrong thing for their privacy and security. If you are one of them who is using Windows 7 OS then delete it and install Windows 10 or upcoming Windows 11 on your computer.   Why You Should Stop Using Windows 7? You should stop using Windows 7 because Microsoft now doesn't support this operating system. Microsoft will never provide system and security patches updates to Windows 7 which increases the rate of vulnerability.  For example, A hacker found a security issue and vulnerability in Windows 7 and Microsoft doesn't solve the security issue of Windows 7. Now what will happen, the hacker can access your computer information easily and misused your private information because of the vulnerability.  So it is very risky to use an outdated operating system like Windows 7 which doesn't have any official security and bug fixes update

Twitter iOS Users Can Share Tweets On Their Instagram And SnapChat Stories Easily

Twitter has added a new feature for iPhone Twitter users. You can easily share your Twitter Tweet as a sticker on Instagram and Snapchat stories. Before, people used to take a screenshot of their Twitter Tweet and Post On Instagram and Snapchat Stories. But now you can easily share your tweets on Instagram stories. Skip the screenshots –– sharing Tweets to Instagram Stories right from the share menu is now rolling out to everyone on iOS! Tap the share icon on a Tweet and select “Instagram Stories”. Once your Instagram app opens, you can resize/reposition the Tweet sticker before posting. — Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) June 22, 2021 To Tweet from iOS Twitter simply tap on the Share button of the tweet and click on Instagram stories. On Instagram stories, you can resize and reposition the Tweet. To share your tweet on Snapchat stories do the same method. Hope to see this feature soon for Android Users.

Chrome For Android - 5 Google Chrome For Android Tricks

  If you use Android Google Chrome then you must know these 5 cool and useful tricks. Open File Explorer On Chrome You can open My Files or File Explorer On Android Google Chrome. Simply type " file:///sdcard/ " on the search bar. Now the file explorer of your device is opened. Switch Between Tabs quickly If you want to switch between open tabs on Android Google Chrome quickly then simply swipe right or left on the search bar.           Force Dark Mode For Web Content If you want all your search result on dark mode then first of all search " chrome://flags " on the search bar. Then, search "Dark" on the search bar. Then enable the Force Dark Mode and click on the "Relaunch" button. Your dark mode is enabled now. Translate Website into different Languages If you want to translate the Website or web content into different languages then simply click on the more options menu on the top-right corner. Then click on translate. Now the website is transl

OPPO New Rollable Smartphone - OPPO X 2021

  We have seen a foldable phone which folds and becomes into a smartphone and after unfolding, it becomes like a tablet. But, OPPO has made a new innovative Rollable Smartphone. The smartphone display can be rolled and convert into a tablet as well as a smartphone. OPPO has used a motor and flexible display to make this innovative smartphone. The flexible OLED display rolls inside and outside the smartphone after pressing or sliding on the power. OPPO also said this smartphone can be rolled 100,000 times which is good for long-term uses of the smartphone. Although it is officially not launched in the market. But, we will soon see this type of rollable smartphone in the future. Advantages And Disadvantages: OPPO X 2021 has advantages over foldable phones like the screen does not get crease like other foldable phones and it has also some disadvantages like the dust can easily get inside the smartphone because of the rollable display, since it has a motor and rollable display it is diffic

How To Disable App Permissions On Android Phone?

  App permission is a setting that helps you to control the features access by the app. For eg: If the app asks for permission to access a Camera, Microphone, Storage Permission, etc you can Allow or Deny it. How To Disable App Permission On Android Phone? If you want to disable permission or want to see which permission the app has access then you should follow these steps. Open Your Smartphone Settings. Tap on App or Application option. Tap on the App you want to disable the permission. Tap on the permissions option. Tap on the permission you want to deny or allow. Now, Deny or Allow the app to access those permissions. What will happen If I disable All the app permissions? If you disable all the app permission then you cannot use some features of the app. Like for eg: If you have a Camera app and you have disabled the Camera Permission then you cannot use the Camera app properly. But, you can use those apps that don't require any permissions like Torch App, Calculator, Some Gam

Never Accept Permissions Of The Apps Before Reading

After installing an app,  if you open it, it will ask for different permissions like Storage Access Permission, Camera, Microphone, Contacts, etc Permission. Many people don't even know why these apps ask for permissions and most of them give access to all the permissions and that is a very wrong thing anyone could do for themself. Why Apps Ask For The Permissions? Apps ask for permissions to run the app properly. If you never give access to the app for different things like a Camera, Microphone, Storage, Contacts, Location, etc you cannot run some features of the app. Like for example If you have the Voice Recorder app then it will ask for Microphone and storage permission to record your voice and store it in your internal storage. If you post images and videos on social media, it will ask for a microphone, camera, storage, etc permissions.  You should give permissions to those apps that need it. Like for example if you have a Camera App then it will ask for the Camera and Storage

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