Should I Allow Cookies on Websites?


If you visit different websites, then you might know lots of websites ask permission for Cookies. What is Cookies? Why do websites ask for cookies? Should You Allow Cookies On Websites?

What is Cookies?

Internet Cookies or Cookies are small files created by the browser that stores your browsing behavior like what type of content you consume on the internet, in which website pages you spend your lots of time, etc.

Why Do Websites Ask For Cookies?

Websites ask for Cookies to show you ads or content according to your interest. For example, let say you allow cookies on A website.  Now, if you visit another website and consuming smartphone-related content, then that A website will show you smartphone-related ads or content on their website.

Are Cookies Risky For Our Privacy?

Yes and No. Since the cookies are on your computer, there is not a lot of risks. But if your computer gets hacked, then it might be harmful.

Should You Allow Cookies On Websites?

Yes, if you want to see personalized ads and content. If the website is asking for permission For Cookies, then it is good. Most of the websites don't even ask for permission and use your data.
No, if you are very concerned about your data and privacy.

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