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What is C Programming Language?

C is a high-level programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 AD. The reason behind its name C is because there was already a programming language called B. So he gave his creation name C Language. C language is popularly known as the mother of all programming languages. It is capable of all the high-level and low-level programming stuff. All the basic to advance concepts and points are included in it. Once you will learn the C programming language, it will be easy for you to learn other programming languages as you already learned the basic concept of programming and how the programming stuff works. C language code needs a compiler to execute and the program written in C language. There are already many C language compilers like Turbo C, DEV CPP, etc. Features of C Programming Language: Programs coded in the C language are machine-independent. It supports Modular Programming. It is a structured programming language. It is used to code for hardware-level programming. Advan

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