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3 Disadvantages Of Using Headphones and Earphones

Nowadays, everybody uses Earphones or headphones to listen to music or anything by connecting on their computer or smartphone. They use earphones while doing exercises, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and other purposes without knowing the disadvantage of it. Yes, the earphone or headphone you use also has some disadvantages that can harm your brain and mostly your ear. Below I have mentioned, 3 biggest disadvantages of using headphones or earphones. 3 Disadvantages of Using Headphones and Earphones Ear Infection Since everybody has two ears, people share their headphones and earphones with each other. They let the other person use their headphone to listen to music which is a bad thing. You should never use used headphones or give your headphone to anyone because they can spread the infection in the ear. Hence, you will lose your ear and hearing power. So, never use or share used headphones and earphones. Effect On Brain and Ear Using headphones and earphones for a

6 Things You Should Never Do To Your Computer

If you use a desktop computer or laptop then you must not do these mistakes. These 6 mistakes mentioned here can decrease the life span and performance of your computer. Deleting System File For Storage If you are one of them who Delete system files from the Main Local Disk(C:) storage to install another game or any program then you are the most stupid person in the world. Deleting the system file is like removing the internal part of the body. If you delete the system file(Operating System Files) then your computer can crash and will show a lot of errors. So, never Delete the System File of your computer for storage. Visiting Random Website From Your Computer If you visit lots of websites on the Internet and don't use any Antivirus, then, you must not browse the Internet or install an Antivirus. Thousands of websites are ready to collect all your personal data. And your data can be used to show you advertisements or to sell others. And if you visit the malicious website, then your

What is Facebook Metaverse? | The New Meta Platform

Now Facebook Company name is changed into Meta. In the news and everywhere, you might be hearing this thing. But why did Facebook change its brand name to Meta? What does Meta actually mean? What is Metaverse? Metaverse is basically a digital world which you can experience using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technology. Just like we live in the real world. We have people, the environment, trees, etc around us. There will be a replica of this world in a computer program. It would be called a Metaverse and also a digital world. You can also interact with people in Metaverse using VR and AR technology and gadgets just like you do in real life. What Can We Do Using Metaverse? Almost everything. We can create a replica of our world in Metaverse. We can experience and visit the United States, Japan, Antarctica virtually living in our digital room or using VR and AR gadgets. We can play physical games with our friends virtually through the Internet in Metaverse. In fact, we all are al

What Are The Advantages Of The Apple Macbook Over Other Laptops? | Why Should You Buy Apple Macbook?

Apple Macbook is really popular in the laptop market. But, is it worth buying it. Why should we buy Apple Macbook Over Other Laptops? What are the advantages of Using the Apple Macbook? What Are The Advantages Of The Apple Macbook Over Other Laptops? There are a lot of reasons for buying an Apple Macbook over other laptops. They are: Apple Macbook has Best Build Quality Apple spends a lot of money, time, and research on the build quality of the Apple Macbook. Macbooks are one of the best laptops in the term of design and quality. Apple Macbook has Long Lasting Battery Life Than Other Laptops Apple Macbook can easily beat most of the laptops in the market when it comes to the usage of laptops for a long time. MacBook battery can easily last up to 8+ hours. Most of the laptops in the market last only 2-3 hours which is 2-4 times less than Apple Macbook. Apple Macbook Is Cheap For Long Term Usage When it comes to long-term use, many laptops fail. Many laptops in the market become slow ove

What Is The Reason Why Phones Don't Come With Charger Anymore?

In 2020 Apple announced, they won't include a charger in the iPhone 12 box and continue not including chargers in the upcoming iPhone boxes. If they want a charger, they can buy it separately. And later, other smartphone and gadgets companies followed this idea. They discontinued including the charger in the Phone box and put only a data cable. Why are Companies not including chargers in the Phone box? What Is The Reason Why Phones Don't Come With Charger Anymore? There could be various reasons behind not including a charger with the phone. Some of the reasons could be these things below: To Stop E-waste Phones Don't Come With Charger "Including no charger in the phone box can save our environment by reducing electronic waste." This kind of statement given by Apple and other companies is actually correct. There are a lot of electronic gadgets that we never use. That could be a charger, earphone, wires, mobile, laptop, etc. We throw those electronic gadgets we don&

Why Memory Card and Pendrive Gets Corrupted?

We all have faced memory cards, Pendrive, and other storage devices corruption problems. Whenever we insert our Pendrive on our computer, it shows that the Pendrive is corrupt. Why do memory cards, Pendrive, and other storage devices get corrupted? Why Do Memory Cards, Pendrive, And Other Storage Devices gets Corrupted? There can be several reasons behind storage devices getting corrupted. Below I have mentioned four reasons behind storage devices getting corrupted. Physical Damage Corrupt The Storage Device If the storage device has physical damage, the connecting ports become weak, or the internal part might be damaged. It is one of the common culprits for damaging and corrupting storage devices like Pendrive, Memory Card, etc. Ejecting Storage Devices In The Wrong Way Corrupt The Storage Device Ejecting Storage devices directly from the computer can corrupt it when the files are being copied or pasted. Directly removing a storage device is one of the worse things you can

Why Was Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Not Working For More Than 6 Hours?

Recently, Facebook and its other products Instagram, Whatsapp, etc were down for almost 6 hours. Many Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp users started tweeting on Twitter and talking about Facebook Outage, Facebook-Server Down, and so forth on other social media platforms. This shows us how people rely on Facebook products or in another way, how much they are addicted to social media. Why Was Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Not Working For More than 6 Hours? Why Was Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Not Working For More Than 6 Hours? After fixing Facebook and its product outage problem, Facebook gives this statement. "Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication. This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to..." and so on. In simple language, the DNS(Do

Why Bitcoin And Other CryptoCurrencies Are Ban/illegal In Most Countries?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency also known as a digital currency. In recent times, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have become popular among people. Many people who invest in Bitcoin say it is going to be the future. We are going to do the transaction through cryptocurrencies and so forth. But recently, countries like China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Russia, and others have banned cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. In these countries transaction through Bitcoin or Investment on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is illegal. But, why? Why Did these Countries Ban Bitcoin? Why Bitcoin Is Ban In Most Countries? The most common reason these countries have banned Bitcoin are: Bitcoin is Ban Because It valuation Increase And Decrease Frequently Bitcoin has become a trade. Many people buy Bitcoin for trading. When the Bitcoin value increases, trading becomes successful, and when its value falls, they lose lots of money. Since Bitcoin valuation is not stable, it is difficult for many countries to leg

Does My Smartphone Listen To Me?

Have you ever noticed that whenever you talk about something or search about something on the Internet, and later, you see the ads related to it on a different application like Facebook, youtube, etc? For example, let's say you are talking with your friend about buying a new laptop, and later when you open your smartphone, you see Laptop related ads and posts on your social media and all other application. Isn't that fishy? Like your smartphone is listening to you every time. All the applications like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and others track your Internet usage pattern, listen to your conversation, and show you the posts and ads related to the subject you talked about earlier. Is Our Smartphone Listening To Us? Many people have claimed that they were talking about something. Later, they saw ads related to that topic on Facebook. And I guess, It might be true. Because sometimes I have also experienced it. One day I was talking about a guitar with my friends and wat

How To Become A Hacker?

Hacking is a technique to break the security of the computer program and gain access to all the information inside the computer program, and the person who does it is known as Hacker. In today's Internet era, there are lots of talented hackers in the world. Lots of ethical hackers are doing legal jobs in tech and other companies. Lots of black hats hackers are doing legal work. But, the thing is that they are hacking the computer system. But, how? How do they hack computer systems? How they become a hacker? How you can become a hacker? How To Become A Hacker? To become a hacker, you need to do and learn lots of things passionately and spend your time learning them. Without dedication to learning, you cannot become a hacker because hackers are good learners. They have spent their valuable time learning different computer-related kinds of stuff to become a hacker. Below I have mentioned some points that will help you to become a hacker. Become a Computer Expert To Become a Hacker All

Why Do All Celebrities Use iPhones?

As you know, most celebrities use an Apple iPhone. Why what things does iPhone have that have attracted the hand of most celebrities compares to other smartphones? Reminder, not all celebrities use iPhones. Some of them also use Android phones. But here, we are talking about most celebrities who use iPhones over other smartphones. Why Do Celebrities Use An iPhone? There might be various reasons for using an iPhone. Some of those reasons could be these four. The first two reasons might be more valid, and the third and fourth ones will be valid for some celebrities. They are: Celebrities have Money To Buy An iPhone iPhones are one of the most expensive smartphones. Most people don't have enough money to buy an Apple iPhone as celebrities do. Celebrities have money, and they buy it. Celebrities have to do Show Off By Using iPhone It might trigger most people. But don't get me wrong. Some celebrities do show off, and some don't. And there is nothing wrong with showing off the t

Why Smartphone Cover Turn Yellow? | How To Make Yellow Phone Cover Into Transparent Phone Cover Again?

If you have used a transparent smartphone cover, then you might have experienced the smartphone cover/case turning yellow in color problem, right. Why does the smartphone cover/case turn yellow, and is there any way to turn the yellow cover into transparent again? Why Does The Smartphone Cover Turn Yellow? Smartphone covers are made using Silicone which is considered a plastic and rubber hybrid which makes it flexible and it is cheap too. Silicone is a substance that changes its color(mostly in yellow) over time. And there are also mainly three things that increase the rate of making transparent phone covers made of Silicone to the yellow phone cover. They are: Heat Makes The Phone Cover Yellow Whenever your smartphone is exposed to direct sunlight or when you use a smartphone, the phone heats. In this case, some chemical reactions happen in the transparent smartphone cover made of Silicone. The Silicone cannot resist heat or direct sunlight which contributes to turning the transparent

What Happens If I Don't Update Windows 10? | Is It Necessary To Update Operating System?

Updating operating systems like Windows 10 can be irritating things for most people. Many people never update their operating systems like Windows 10, Android, iOS, and others which is one of the worst things to do. You should never ignore any updates because those updates are very important. It is very necessary to update your operating systems to get different benefits from the Operating System provided by different companies like Windows from Microsoft, Android from Google, iOS from Apple, and others. What Happen If I Don't Update Windows 10 Operating Systems? Various things will happen If you don't update Windows 10 and other operating systems. Some of the things that will happen are: You Will Not Get Any New Features If You Don't Update Windows 10 So often, software companies add new features to their products. They always introduce a new feature for their operating system like Microsoft does for Windows 10. They add new features over a long time and provide those new

Why You Cannot Delete Files/Data Permanently From Harddisk, SSD, Pendrive, and Other Storage Devices?

If you think you have deleted any file/data from your computer, and it is deleted or erased permanently then you are wrong. You cannot delete any file and data permanently by just deleting it. It sounds confusing, right. But, don't worry, soon you will understand why you cannot delete files permanently from your storage devices like Hardisk, Pendrive, SSD, Memory Card, etc. Why You Cannot Delete File/Data Permanently From Storage Devices? In order to know why file/data cannot be deleted permanently, first, we need to understand how a file/data store in the storage device works. How the Data Stores in the Storage Device Works? Whenever you create or download a new file or copy a new file on the storage device, it shows you some storage is reserved by the file. For example, you have an 8GB Pendrive and you store 1GB of files in it. Now you will see 7/8GB free storage. And after deleting that 1GB file, it will show you 8GB free storage. But, the data is still there unless some other f

Difference Between Intel i3, i5, i7 and i9 Processor | Which One is Better To Buy?

There are two big Computer Processor producers in the market. They are Intel and AMD. Here, we are going to talk about Intel i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors. These processors are really popular in the market. If someone has a computer, then there is a high possibility, they are using an intel processor. Intel makes i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors for different users. But, which Intel Processor is suitable for you, i3, i5, i7, or i9? On all intel processors, you will hear about Core and Generation. What is Core in Intel Processor? A core is a single processing unit of a Processor. Usually, processors have dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, and more to run multiple programs efficiently. A Single Core handle one part of a computer program that is running. What is Generation in Intel Processor? On Intel processor, you will see 5th gen, 7th gen, 8th gen, 9th gen, etc. What are these generations in the Intel processor? It is actually a generation of processor that tells it is an improved version o

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