What is Graphics Card? Why Do We Need Graphics Card For Gaming?


If you have a gaming computer or planning to buy a gaming computer then you might hear about Graphics cards or GPU right. Why do we even need a graphics card for playing games on the computer?

What is Graphics Card?

Graphics Card is a hardware component also known as Video Card or GPU(Graphical Processing Unit) that helps to render/process images and videos on the screen.

Why Do We Need Graphics Card For Gaming?

We need a graphics card if you want to play high-resolution and heavy video games, editing and processing high-resolution videos and images, on your computer without any lag. Just like the CPU process the overall operation of the computer, GPU process the graphical(images and videos) parts to display on the monitor.

What If I Don't Use Graphics Card On The Computer?

If you don't use Graphics Card on the computer then you cannot play the latest and high-resolution games and videos. Without a graphics card, you can use your computer only to do normal tasks like creating documents, browsing the internet, listening to music, etc. And you can even play old games or those games that don't have graphics card requirements or can run with integrated graphics on CPU.

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