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5 Amazing Websites You Must Visit

For Many People, the Internet is only limited to Facebook, YouTube, and Google. But, there are millions of amazing websites on the Internet. Some of them are: On this website, You will know how old is the Internet. You can even check how old was the Internet When You were born. On This Website, You will see the Map of The Internet. Isn't that an amazing thing? All the circles are the websites. Big circles are popular sites in the world. On This Website, You will get the real-time statistics of world population, social and media, and other things. This is an online game where you have to increase your player size. On This Website, You will get lots of online games. You can play these games online.   Click Here, For More Useful Websites and Apps

Mobile Data vs Wi-Fi? | Which Is Best? | What's The Difference?

Many people use Mobile Data and Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, right. But, which one is best between Mobile Data and Wi-Fi?   Mobile Data Mobile Data is a feature of a smartphone that helps you to connect to the Internet. The SIM Card company provides Data to the User.  Advantage 1.You can use the Internet from anywhere in your Country. 2.You need one SIM Card with Data plans To Access The Internet. Disadvantage 1.It is expensive. 2.A network may not work in every part of the country(maybe because your SIM Card Company hasn't provided a Network in some region of your Country). Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is also known as Wireless Fidelity. Wi-Fi also connects you to the Internet world. You need to set up the router in your home, office, school, hotel, and other places to use the Internet.  Advantage 1.Cheaper then Mobile Data 2.Fast Net Speed 3.Many people can connect their device with one Wi-Fi Router. Disadvantage 1.You can use Wi-Fi only at your home, office, hotel, and other single places

Why You Should Update Your Smartphone?

If you are one of that person who ignores Device Software Update, then you are doing wrong. Here are some of the reason why you should Update Your Device: 1.New Features Smartphone company often adds new features on their smartphone. They add new features to improve the user experience. So, You should update your smartphone. 2.Security Patches Hackers are always working to break the security of a device. Smartphone company pushes the software updates with the security patches to protect your device and your data. 3.Improve Performance Whenever a software bug occurs in a smartphone, Companies solve the bug and push the software updates that really improve the performance. 4.You Paid For It You should always update your smartphone because you have paid for it, and you should get the best experience with your device.

What is An IP Rating? | Does It Make Your Smartphone Waterproof?

Did you ever think about what is IP68, IP67, etc. rating on a smartphone? Does this Rating Make Your Smartphone Waterproof?   What is an IP rating? An IP(Ingress Protection) rating refers to the protection of a smartphone from dust and water. In IP 6 8 or IP 6 7 Rating, The first Number " 6 and 6 " refers to the Protection from Solid, and the second number " 8 and 7 " refers to the Protection from Liquid. The Numbers define the level of Protection From Solid(Dust Particles) and Liquid(Water, Juice, etc). Can You Use Your Smartphone Under Water with IP68 Rating? Yes, You can. But, not more than 1-2 meter inside water for a long time, because the Pressure is high under the water that can damage your smartphone. You can use your IP68 Rating Smartphone while swimming for a short time. 

How To Make Your Computer Fast?

If your computer is running slowly, it takes a lot of time to open an app, takes a lot of time to boot, etc. Then, You must follow the points mention below: 1.Disable Startup Application If some application starts running itself when you open the computer, then you should disable those startup apps. For that, You have to press Ctrl+Shift+Esc Key from Your Keyboard to open Task Manager. Then, Click On the Startup Option and disable those apps(Don't Disable Important System Apps).   2.Free Your 'Local Disk(C:)' Space If you have those files, folders, and applications that you don't use, then Delete or Uninstall them. Because your computer system becomes slow when the Hard-Disk is full. So, Always Try to Keep Your Hard-Disk Storage Free.     3.Uninstall Unnecessary Application You should delete those applications that you never use. Go to 'Control Panel' and then go to the 'Uninstall a Program' Option to delete those applications. 4.Delete Tem

How To Take Screenshot On HP, Dell, Asus Laptop And PC?

The screenshot feature helps us to capture our screen. If you use Windows Computer and don't know how to take a screenshot on Windows Computer, then here are 3 ways to take a screenshot. You can easily take screenshot on your HP, Dell, Asus Laptop and PC using these easy and simple 3 ways. 1.Use Win + PrintScreen Key To Take Screenshot on Laptop and PC You can take a screenshot on Windows Computer using a simple shortcut key which is "Win+PrintScreen". If you press the "Win+PrintScreen" key combination from your keyboard, the screenshot will be captured. The screenshot image will be saved in the Screenshot folder. To Open the screenshot folder, first open file explorer and then open the Pictures folder. Inside it, you will see a Screenshot folder.   2.Use the Snipping Tool To Take A Screenshot On Laptop And PC By using the in-built app of the Windows Operating system, you can capture your screen or you can take a screenshot using the app called Snippin

5 Useful Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension is a program that helps you to improve your browsing experience on your web browser. So for you, We have found 5 useful Google Chrome Extension. They are: 1.Dark Reader After installing this Extension, You can enable a dark theme on any website. You should install Dark Reader Extension if you Use Your Computer Browser at night time. Click Here , To Install Dark Reader. 2.Grammarly Grammarly will help you to improve the spelling and grammatical errors while posting a comment or typing something on the different sites. Click Here, To Install Grammarly.   3.Save Image As Type Save Image As Type Extension will help you to download images in different formats like JPG, PNG, and WebP. Click Here, To Install Save Image As Type. 4.Google Dictionary (By Google) This Extension will help you to know the meaning of and how to pronounce a word just by double-clicking on it. Click Here , To Install Google Dictionary (By Google). 5.Picture-In-Picture Extension (By Google)

How To Protect Your Google, Facebook and Others Account?

If you have an Account on different sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others then, You must protect this account from a hacker. Because a Hacker can hack your Different Social Media Accounts easily if you haven't protected them properly.   Here are some tips to secure and protect your Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others Accounts: 1.Keep Strong Password:   You have to set a strong password on your Accounts. Tips To Create Strong Password i)  Never Use Dictionary words like Apple, Ball, etc. ii) Never Use Your Phone Number, Date of Birth, your BF/GF name, and other names as a password. iii) Use More than 12-digit Password. iv) Your Password Should include Alphabets(A-Z and a-z), Numbers(0-9), and special character(!@#$%^&*(),etc). v) Never Use the Same Password in all the social media accounts like Your Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and others Account Password should be different from each other. Example: SmartTechTip - Weak Password 32t!P$M@rT.tEc#35 - Stro

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