5 Awesome Smartphone Tricks And Hacks

Now you will know 5 Awesome Smartphone Tricks and Hacks that will help you a lot.

Dial Last Phone Number Quickly

If you press the Call Button, The Last Phone Number you have called will automatically dial.

Navigate Through Text Easily

All of us had got irritated while navigating through text, right. But this problem is over now. If you want to navigate through the text quickly and easily, hold the space button of the keyboard and navigate through the text on your smartphone.

Solve Poor Connection Problem

If your smartphone is not connecting to the network properly, turn on Airplane Mode and turn off the Airplane Mode. After this, your smartphone may get a connection to the nearest Network tower quickly.

Assitant Menu

In Assistant Menu, you will get lots of easy-to-reach buttons like a screenshot, volume control, screen off, screen control, etc.

To Enable Assitant Menu

  • Open Smartphone Settings.
  • Go To Accessibility Option.
  • Go To Interaction and Dexterity Option
  • Enable Assitant Menu.
  • Or Search The "Assistant Menu" on smartphone settings.

Side Key To Open App

You can set your power button to open any app or torch on your smartphone. To do it, you have to go to the side key option on your smartphone settings. To Enable Side Key, Go to smartphone settings and search "Side Key" or Follow These Steps.

  • Open Smartphone Settings.
  • Go To Advanced Features Option.
  • Go To Side Key Option.
  • Enable the feature and set the app to open. 

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