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What is ROM? | Types of ROM

ROM is a non-volatile primary storage device that is used to store data permanently. It stands for Read Only Memory. It is non-volatile because the data stored in ROM remain there even after no power supply. ROM is usually used to store firmware. If you have ever installed Operating System, then you might know about BIOS. Software like BIOS is called firmware. This software is installed on ROM to give control of hardware to the user. You can find ROM on many devices like smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, cameras, tablets, etc. Types Of ROM(Read Only Memory) There are usually three types of ROM. They are: PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM. PROM(Programmable Read Only Memory) PROM stands for Programmable Read Only Memory. In PROM, once the program is programmed and stored, it can't be changed. For example: BIOS software. EPROM(Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. In EPROM, reprogramming is possible. But to erase the data from E

7 Reasons To Take A Break From Social Media

Social media has become an addiction. Everyone is wasting their time on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Social media can be a great tool. But it has a huge negative impact on adults and youth's future nowadays. The only solution to avoid the negative impact of social media would be to quit using it, reduce the usage time or change the content consumption habit on social media. Below, I have mentioned seven reasons to take a break from social media. 7 Reasons To Take a Break From Social Media You Will Get Extra Time Many people spend a whole day on social media doing mindless browsing and scrolling. If they stop using it, they could have a lot of time and can utilize it for their future. If you spend 4-5 hours doing mindless browsing on social media, your future is insecure. Your future will be decided by the things you do in the present. So stop wasting time on social media by doing mindless browsing. You Will Stop Feeling Depressed and Anxiety Man

Can Technology Replace Teachers?

Technology has changed a lot of things in the education field. Before there was a pen and a paper and now there is a computer installed with software to do pen/paperwork. Physical books are replaced by digital E-book, PDFs, etc. Teaching and learning become easy and free because of the Internet. But the question is, Will Technology Replace Teachers? Like everything is done through the computer and internet in the education field. Why do we need teachers then? Can Technology Replace Teachers? In my opinion, technology can't replace teachers. Technology might replace the learning part. But, it will not replace teachers because there is a vast difference in learning and teaching. Learning means gaining knowledge, skill or anything and Teaching means giving knowledge, skill to someone. Nowadays, learning has become a lot easier. You can easily learn anything through the Internet by reading articles, ebooks, watching videos on the Internet. You can buy online courses for gaining differe

What Are The Use of Function Keys F1 to F12 on The Keyboard?

On your Computer Keyboard or Laptop keyboard, you always see F1 to F12 Function Keys, right. But, have you ever wondered what are these keys(F1 to F12) and their uses are? What are Function Keys? Function Keys are the keys that are on the top of the keyboard from F1 to F12 for performing different functions that make the use of the computer ease. Like for example, Function Key can be used to Refresh/Reload webpage or computer, saving the file, closing the window, etc. To Use Function Key On Laptop, you should press function keys with the 'fn' key which is on the bottom of your keyboard. What are the Uses of F1 To F12 Function Key? F1 Key: The F1 key is used to open the Help Center of the Application. For example, if you press the F1 key while using Chrome Browser, Google Chrome Help Center will open. F2 Key: The F2 key is used to Rename the file or folder on the computer quickly. Usually, to rename a file/folder, you right-click on it and click on rename to change its name, rig

Why Math is Needed For Programming?

If you are new to the programming world, then, you might get the question like Why is Math Necessary For Programming? Do We Even Use Math While Programming? Questioning these things is not a wrong thing. Every programmer may have gone through this phase. Why Is Math Necessary For Programming? Mathematics helps you to build structure and logic easily. Your problem-solving skill improves. While programming you are going to use basic to high-level Mathematics depending on what you are doing.In most programming fields, Math is necessary because you use lots of Math while writing code, building structure, etc. But, in some programming fields like web development, your basic mathematics knowledge is enough because most of the time you are coding to design the web. But, in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Data Structure and Algorithm(DSA), Machine Learning(ML), Data Science, your mathematics skill should be good. Because most of the time you are building logic. In-game development, you should kno

How To Protect Your Phone From Being Hacked? | 8 Ways To Protect Smartphone From Being Hacked

Nowadays many hacking attacks are practiced by many hackers and many smartphones and computers are being hacked. It becomes necessary for every smartphone user to be aware of these hackers who hack other systems for illegal purposes. Below I have mentioned 8 tips to protect your smartphone from being hacked. Install Apps from Official App Store Most hackers develop malicious applications and spread them on the internet. Later, many people download them, and their smartphone data become compromised. Their data are compromised/hacked because they install an application from unknown sources on their smartphone. You should always apps/games from official sources like Google PlayStore, Apple Appstore, and other known sources to protect your smartphone data from being compromised. Don't Give Unnecessary Permission To Any Apps If you go on your smartphone Apps settings and check the Permission, you will see that many apps have access to almost every part of your smartphone like camera, st

Can A Computer Virus Affect Hardware?

Computer viruses are harmful programs that destroy, steal, manipulate the computer system. But, can a computer virus destroy the computer hardware? Like, it is a program that uses the computer hardware to run, right. Well, the answer might be or is no. Can A Computer Virus Affect Computer Hardware? No, basically. A computer virus is just a computer program written in code lines. It does the same thing that other computer programs do while in use. Like it uses a processor, RAM, storage for processing, and storing data. And with today's powerful computer hardware it is impossible for a virus to destroy or harm the computer hardware. Computer viruses usually manipulate the software, steal the data, crash the operating system. But, it doesn't destroy with the hardware part. But, there can be one scenario. It can indirectly damage your computer hardware like for example, a computer virus can turn off the CPU fans which will increase the heat and will damage your processor. But, it i

15 Amazing Facts About Apple Company You Never Knew

Apple is one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. Below I have mentioned 15 awesome facts about Apple company. Apple First Logo The first Apple logo was not the same as what you see today. It was like the image below where you can see Issac Newton near Apple Tree. It was drawn by Ronald Wayne. Later, Apple Logo became simpler. Apple Made The First Digital Colored Camera In 1997, Apple made the first consumer digital camera. Its name was Apple QuickTake. First Apple iPhone was revealed On Jan 9, 2007 The first-ever Apple iPhone was revealed On Jan 9, 2007, by Steve Jobs. While revealing the first new Apple iPhone, Steve Jobs called it a true Revolutionary product. Later on June 29, 2007, it was available to be purchased by the consumers.   Apple First Product Was A Computer Called Apple Computer 1 Many people think Apple is a company that makes iPhones. But, Apple's first product wasn't an iPhone. It was a computer called Apple Computer I. Apple Macbook Batteries

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