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How to Enable Developer Mode On Android Phone? | What is Developer Mode?

If you are a tech geek then you might have heard about the Android Developer Option or Developer Mode, right? But, What is Developer Mode? How To Enable it? What is Developer Mode? Developer Mode is a setting specially made for a developer, advanced user like for example a tech person. It is a setting where you will get lots of hidden features of the smartphone-like USB debugging, Tracking Screen Activity, changing device animation, etc. How to Enable Developer Mode on Android Phone? To Enable Developer Mode On Android Phone. Open Settings of your phone. Tab on About Phone setting. Tab on Software Information. Tab On Build Number for 7 times.   Now, The Developer Option is enabled on your Android Phone.

Google Project Starline: Now You Can Video Chat With Person In 3D

  Google has recently revealed their project called Starline. This Project Starline is specially made for making video calls more realistic. You can talk to people in 3D living far from you. Imagine you are sitting near a window and talking to a person who is living in another city or country. That's crazy, isn't it? Google Project Starline is similar to this idea. If you want to talk to anyone living far from you, you go near to the 3D display and on the display, you will see another person and there will also be a camera that will make a 3D model of you for that person whom you are talking. On the blog, Google said they have applied hardcore research in machine learning, computer vision, spatial audio, and real-time compression to talk virtually in a more realistic way. That means you can make eye contact with them and talk naturally like you do in person. Google Project Starline required special hardware to make it possible. Google said they are testing this project Starline

Android 12 New Privacy Feature For User Safety

  At the recent Google I/O conference, they introduce a new Android 12 OS. The new Android 12 OS is more featured packed and user-friendly. They have also talked about the privacy feature on Android 12. Android 12 Privacy Privacy Dashboard On Android 12, you will get a new setting called Privacy Dashboard where you can see when and what type of data and information was accessed by the app. You will also see a manage permission button to directly control and manage the permission used by the app.   Indicator Android 12 new privacy feature also includes an indicator that will tell you which sensor(microphone, camera, location, etc) is used by the app.   Disable Permission Quickly You will also get the option to disable the permissions for any app in Quick Settings. Now we can say Android 12 is going to be the more secure operating system. Now users have all the control over their private information uses.

Google And Samsung Collaboration With Smart Watches

  In the recent Google I/O, Google And Samsung are collaborating to improve the SmartWatch Experience for the user. Samsung is making SmartWatch for a long time and lots of Samsung Galaxy Watch fans buy it. Samsung was using its Tizen OS for smartwatches. But now, In the upcoming Samsung SmartWatch, you will get the Google Wear OS which will be more efficient and user-friendly for SmartWatch Lovers. We’re combining the best of @wearosbygoogle and @SamsungMobile Tizen into a unified wearable platform. ⌚ Apps will start faster, battery life will be longer and you'll have more choice than ever before, from devices to apps and watch faces. #GoogleIO — Google (@Google) May 18, 2021 Google said they will provide 3 services. They are A Unified Platform, New Consumer Experience, World-class Health and Fitness. A Unified Platform Google wear OS and Tizen are combined to build a unified platform. It helps to improve the smartwatch performance, battery life and

Should I buy a Folding Phone in 2021?

  A folding smartphone is one of the coolest gadgets. You can fold and use it as a normal smartphone as well as a big-screen tablet. Samsung and Motorola have also made folding phones that can become half of the phone size when closed.  This new foldable smartphone technology is awesome. In near future, everyone is going to buy and use it. But, is it the right time to buy a foldable smartphone in 2021? Many smartphones brand like Samsung and Motorola has already launched a couple of foldable phones in the market and some people are also buying it. Right now, the price of a foldable phone is more than a flagship phone. The special thing about folding phones is that they can be folded. But, the processor, camera, and other features are not worth it according to the price which is around $2000. You can buy 2 flagship and powerful phones for $2000. Should You Need To Buy a Foldable Phone? Yes and No. If you want to experience the new folding technology and you have lots of money then you s

2 Ways To Make Text Reader in Windows 10

If you want your computer to read the text you enter then you should follow these tips/tricks given below. First Way To Create A Text Reader in Windows 10 Open Notepad. Type or Copy&Paste this code CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Enter your text here"  Type your text you want to narrate from your computer. Save The File as (namearea).vbs extension.  Now, If you open the file you will hear your computer reading text. Second Way To Create A Text Reader in Windows 10 Open Notepad as usual. Type or Copy&Paste this code Dim Rohit Message=InputBox("Type Your Text","I will read your text") Set Rohit= CreateObject("SAPI.spVoice") Set Rohit.Voice = Rohit.GetVoices.Item(0) Rohit.Speak message Save The File as (namearea).vbs extension.   Now, If you open the file you will get a text box where you can type your text to make your computer read it. Change Voice Gender If you want a male voice keep the number 0. If you want a female v

Why Is My Computer So Slow?

  Did you ever wonder why the computer become slow? Why the old computer can't even run simple programs and apps. Why the computer become slower over time? A computer is one of those things many people don't upgrade frequently. Many people keep their computers for more than 2 years, 5 years, and even for 10 years. If you are one of them especially those people who keep their computer for more than 5 years then it's obvious your computer will become slow. How Does The Computer Become Slow? Honestly, the computer never gets slow. The computer programs, software, games, etc system requirements increase over time. If you run those apps and games which were made at that time when the computer was manufactured then that computer program will run properly(if you had that time powerful computer). The computer made in 2005 cannot run today's games and apps like GTA-V, PUBG, Adobe Photoshop, etc. That 2005 computer can run those apps and games which were made at that time. Conclu

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