What Happen If I Install 2 Antivirus On 1 Computer?

Have you ever tried or wonder what will happen, If we Install 2 Antivirus programs on a computer. Will the computer protection increase? Will The Computer Become Unhackable? What will really happen after installing 2 Antivirus programs on a computer?

What Will Happen If I Install 2 Antivirus On 1 Computer?

To understand it, first of all, let's talk about what does antivirus programs do. An antivirus program scans the computer system and detects if there is any malicious file or not. While scanning a file, the antivirus checks all the entry points of a computer from where a malicious file can enter. If you download any file from the Internet or insert any external drive, the antivirus will first scan it properly and will tell you if there is any vulnerability in the file or not. While scanning the file, the antivirus program uses RAM, processor, storage and if you use a laptop then it uses battery too for sure. So an antivirus program does these things.

Now If 2 antivirus is installed on the computer, both antivirus program will do the same thing that is to scan the computer system and detect if there is any malicious file or not. If you have less RAM and a low-power processor, your computer will hang and you can't even move the cursor of your computer. Because both Antivirus programs need RAM, processing power, storage, and others to run on the computer. Since both are running, the consumption of computer resources will increase, and there will not be more RAM and processing power to do other tasks on the computer.

Another thing that will happen is since both are antivirus, both will scan and detect the overall part of the computer system. Since an antivirus cover and have entry point over all the computer system, another antivirus will assume that the first antivirus program is a virus because it has access to all the entry point of the computer system and will try to delete that Antivirus program and vice versa. Your computer will become very slow that will really frustrate you.

Should I Install 2 Antivirus On 1 Computer?

If you want then you can but I will never recommend you to install 2 Antivirus on a computer. If you love your computer then you should not even think to install 2 antivirus programs on your computer. Your computer will become very slow and it will not even respond properly.

In Conclusion, If you install 2 antivirus programs, both will run and use your computer hardware resources a lot and make your computer run slow.

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