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3 Disadvantages Of Using Headphones and Earphones

Nowadays, everybody uses Earphones or headphones to listen to music or anything by connecting on their computer or smartphone. They use earphones while doing exercises, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and other purposes without knowing the disadvantage of it. Yes, the earphone or headphone you use also has some disadvantages that can harm your brain and mostly your ear. Below I have mentioned, 3 biggest disadvantages of using headphones or earphones. 3 Disadvantages of Using Headphones and Earphones Ear Infection Since everybody has two ears, people share their headphones and earphones with each other. They let the other person use their headphone to listen to music which is a bad thing. You should never use used headphones or give your headphone to anyone because they can spread the infection in the ear. Hence, you will lose your ear and hearing power. So, never use or share used headphones and earphones. Effect On Brain and Ear Using headphones and earphones for a

6 Things You Should Never Do To Your Computer

If you use a desktop computer or laptop then you must not do these mistakes. These 6 mistakes mentioned here can decrease the life span and performance of your computer. Deleting System File For Storage If you are one of them who Delete system files from the Main Local Disk(C:) storage to install another game or any program then you are the most stupid person in the world. Deleting the system file is like removing the internal part of the body. If you delete the system file(Operating System Files) then your computer can crash and will show a lot of errors. So, never Delete the System File of your computer for storage. Visiting Random Website From Your Computer If you visit lots of websites on the Internet and don't use any Antivirus, then, you must not browse the Internet or install an Antivirus. Thousands of websites are ready to collect all your personal data. And your data can be used to show you advertisements or to sell others. And if you visit the malicious website, then your

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