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Can I Learn Coding From YouTube?

Learning to code and create computer programs is really cool and also the most important and demanded skill in today's modern world. These learning resources are easily available. Anyone can learn any skill, they want to learn easily. And In that learning process, YouTube helps a lot because YouTube contains millions of videos uploaded by people around the world that can teach us various skills and knowledge. Many people also try to learn coding from YouTube, but, did they succeed? Can We Learn Coding From YouTube? Yes, no doubt you can learn and become an expert at coding by just learning from YouTube and practicing yourself on your computer. Because there are already millions of tutorials/courses on various coding languages, various project videos, and various coding queries on YouTube for free that can help you sharpen your coding knowledge. And if you are a beginner and just started learning to code, you will get your many answers from YouTube alone by just searchin

What Should Be Your Typing Speed As a Programmer?

Programmers have only one job which is to code and coding involves typing many lines of code which take plenty of time. To type those hundreds, and thousands of lines of code fast, you need to type fast as well. But how fast or how much typing speed should a programmer have? What Should Be Your Typing Speed As a Programmer? I don't know if there is any survey or anything related to this question. But in my experience as a programmer having a typing speed of 40 WPM to 60 WPM will be the cherry on top. Again this is my experience as a programmer and what I have learned and done so far in the field of coding. Why A Programmer's Typing Speed Should be 40-60 WPM or More? The reason I said to have a 40-60 WPM typing speed is that it is considered the average fast typing speed in general. If your typing is this fast, you can easily code. In fact, in coding your most of time is invested in thinking and creating logic and then writing or typing that into a computer code. If your typing

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