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500 Million Facebook User Number Leaked

Once again, The Facebook user data is leaked. In the past time, we have heard a lot of news related to Facebook user data leaks.  Right Now, One news is circulating all over the world about the 500 Million Facebook User Phone Number Leak. How Does This Happen? The data is leaked because of some bugs on the Facebook server.  Are there any problems with the data leak? Yes, there are a lot of problems with the user data leak. Imagine your phone number is leaked and, one random person is doing phone calls and messaging you. They can do scams with you, blackmail you, etc other bad activities.   What to do If you are one of those people whose Phone Number is leaked because of Facebook? Well, You cannot do anything because you are not controlling facebook. You don't know where your and other user data are stored. All these things are managed by Facebook itself.   One thing you can do is from now you should never share your personal and confidential information on Facebook and the Intern

5 Mistakes You Should Never Do On The Internet

Internet is a boon for us. We can communicate with our friends from anywhere around the world, learning anything we want, etc. Many people use the Internet. But, They don't use it properly.  Here Are Some of The Things You Should Stop Doing On The Internet: 1.Downloading Files/Apps From Unknown Sources You should not download any files/apps from unknown sources because they can contain a virus and malicious files that will harm your computer. First of all, Verify if the site or AppStore is safe or not to download files. If it is safe, Then You Can Download files from there. If it is not, Then don't download any files from those unknown sources. 2.Sharing Personal and Confidential Information On HTTP Sites If you check the URL of any site, then you will see two things. They are: (HTTP and HTTPS). If you are visiting any HTTP site then never share your personal information like your account passwords, Your Details, etc because it is not encrypted. Your data can be easily hacked

Do You Really Need To Install Antivirus On Your Computer?

Antivirus is a computer program that helps you to protect your computer from viruses and malicious files. It detects the dangerous file on your computer and alerts you about it. But, The Question: Do You Really Need To Use Antivirus Program? Yes, You should use an antivirus program. It will help you to protect your computer from viruses. If you use the Internet, Download Files From the Internet, Insert External Hardware like Pendrive, Cardreader, and others. Then, You should use antivirus software. Do Antivirus Detect All the viruses? Read This, Why Cannot Antivirus Protect Your Computer 100%?

2 Free Alternative of MS-Office

 As you already MS-Office is not free software. You have to purchase the MS-Office package to use MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint. So for that, I have searched and found the two alternatives to MS-Office, and they are totally free. They are: FreeOffice It is totally free Office software. You can download and install it for free. You will get Text Maker, PlanMaker, and Presentation as an alternative to MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint.    ( Click Here, To Download FreeOffice ) Google Docs Google Docs is really the best Office Software. You can create a document, excel sheet, and presentation using Google Docs. It is totally free. You need to go to the site for creating your documents, presentation, and spreadsheet files. ( Click Here, To Go To Google Docs ) I Hope This Was Helpful. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

How To Charge Smartphone Properly?

 In this post, I will share with you some tips to charge your smartphone properly. They are: 1.Charge With An Original Charger Never charge your smartphone with a duplicate charger. You have to use the charger that comes inside the smartphone box. You can even charge your smartphone with another brand's original chargers, like You can charge your Samsung Phone with an Oneplus Charger, OPPO phone with Realme Charger, etc. 2.Remove Back Cover While Charging Your Smartphone produces heat when you plug in the charger. If you remove the cover, the heat will easily blow. If you don't remove the smartphone cover, the heat cannot blow anywhere, which will increase the temperature of a smartphone. 3.Charge Your Smartphone Upto 80% Charging your smartphone up to 80% increase the life span of a battery. Today's phone is smart enough. They can turn off the power supply when the smartphone is fully charged. But, it is still connected to electricity that increases the heat in a smartphon

How Long Can We Use The Smartphone?

 What is the average life span of a Smartphone? On average life span of a smartphone is around 1.5 - 2 years .  What is the reason for the short life span of a smartphone? Hardware Damage: If your smartphone battery, display, camera, speaker, and other hardware damages after dropping on the land or water or by some other factors, the life span of a smartphone decrease. How To Increase the life span of a Smartphone? 1.Use Screen Gard and Phone Cover to protect the smartphone body and display. 2.Charge Your Smartphone properly and take care of a battery. ( Click Here, To Know How To Charge Smartphone Properly ) 3.Delete all the unwanted files/apps from your smartphone. 4.Keep your smartphone away from water and dust particles. In this way, You can increase the life span of a smartphone. I Hope You Got Your Answer. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

How To Change Windows Password With CMD?

 If you think you should know the Windows Computer password to change it, then you are wrong. You can change the Windows Computer password using the CMD(Command Prompt) without knowing the computer password. Here are the steps to do it: Step 1: Open Command Prompt( Click On Run As Administration ) Step 2: Type " net user " and hit enter.   Step 3: Type " net user ' administration name ' ' password ' " and hit enter.            Ex: net user SmartTechTip 2021Rohit   Now Your Windows Computer Password is Changed.   I hope you got your answer. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

Top 5 Useful Websites For Everyone

 On the Internet, there are millions of websites. Out of them, I have mentioned 5 useful websites for everyone. On this site, You will get millions of pdf files. You can download and read them for free. If you love to read books, then this website is made for you. If you want to remove the background of any image, then you must visit this site. You need to upload your image then it will give you an image without a background. This website is specially made for those who want copyright-free images and videos. On this site, you will get millions of copyright-free images and videos. If you are a blogger or a YouTuber, then you must use this website. If you want to become a Website Developer, then you should visit this site. You can learn all the thing that needs to become a website developer. On, you will get a temporary email address. You can use this email address if you don't want to share your

Why Everyone Is Switching from WhatsApp To Telegram and Signal App?

 After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, a lot of people are switching to telegram and signal. But, why? © Technology Gyan WhatsApp New Policy   Why everyone is switching to Telegram and Signal? People are switching to Telegram and Signal because of the new policy of Whatsapp. According to the New policy, WhatsApp will share your information with Facebook. And That is not good for the privacy of the user. Why WhatsApp is sharing user information with Facebook? Facebook is going to use the WhatsApp user data for the advertisement purpose on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook will show you ads according to your data. Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook. Is there any problem? Yes, there is a problem. Your personal data is being shared and used for advertisement purposes. Before the policy, WhatsApp was popular for its End-To-End Encryption chat feature. That means only you and the person with whom you are chatting can read the chats. But now, the privacy of the us

What is Deep Web?

 Internet is divided into three parts. They are Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. What is the Deep Web? The deep web is a hidden part of the internet. It is 90% part of the Internet. The content on a deep web is not index on any search engine like Google. Deep web content consists of a private network, account login page, net transaction, restricted online profile, etc. For Example: Whenever you go to the Google or Facebook login page, you need to enter your Login ID and Password. That Login ID and Password are private information. That means it is deep web content. Example 2: After buying a subscription to Netflix, you can watch all the movies. All the movies and videos are visible after purchasing the subscription. All this content comes under the deep web.     There are lots of things that come under the deep web. That's why 90% part of the Internet is the deep web. I hope you got your answer. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

What is Surface Web?

 Internet is divided into three parts. They are Surface Web , Deep Web, and Dark Web.   What is Surface Web? The surface web is the visible part of the internet. The result you get on search engines like Google and other sites come under the surface web. The things you and everyone see on google, youtube, and another site is only 4% part of the Internet. The Article you are reading right now is also on the surface web. Is Surface Web Safe? The surface web is safer than the dark web to explore the Internet. But, some websites scam other people and transfer the virus to the user's computer available on the surface web.  The surface web is the safest part of the internet because everything is publicly available. Everyone can visit the websites on the surface web. Click Here, To Know More About Dark Web. I hope you got your answer. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

Why Should You Never Visit Dark Web?

 Internet is divided into three parts. They are Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web.   Dark Web is part of the Internet that is not visible publicly. You cannot access the dark web content by searching on google. To access it, you need a specific browser like TOR. It is only almost 5% of the Internet. But, I will never recommend you to visit Dark Web.  Why Should You Never Visit Dark Web? The reason You Should Never Visit the Dark Web because a lot of illegal activities are done on the dark web like Selling Drugs, Bitcoin services, Hacking, Child Pornography, Selling Weapons, Phishing, Scams, and all the others illegal activities.  You can be hacked, scammed, or involved in illegal activities if you visit the dark web. The dark web is a dangerous part of the Internet. You should be aware of it. Never try to explore the Dark Web. Take this as only for knowledge purposes. I hope you got your answer. Don't Forget To Give Us your feedback:)

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