You Must Cover Your Laptop Webcam With Tape


Have you ever seen anyone covering their laptop computer webcam with tape or Webcam Cover Slider Tool? Why do people hide or cover their Webcam? Why You Should Also Do It?

Why Do People Hide Their Laptop Webcam?

People do hide their laptop webcam for various reasons like they don't use Webcam often or they never use the Webcam of their laptop. And another main reason could be to be safe from hackers.
Let's assume one hacker has hacked your computer and can access almost everything including Webcam, Microphone, etc. If you are inside your room and your Laptop Webcam is facing you then the hacker can record your activity. They can record a video of you sleeping, doing random stuff on your bed if you have faced your computer webcam to the bed.


Should I Hide My Laptop Webcam?

Yes, you must hide your laptop webcam for security purposes. Otherwise, the hacker can blackmail you through your private activity videos. So, you must hide your laptop Webcam with tape.

What Should I Do If I Use the Webcam Of The Laptop?

You can buy a small gadget called Webcam Cover to hide your Webcam when not needed.


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