Never Accept Permissions Of The Apps Before Reading

After installing an app,  if you open it, it will ask for different permissions like Storage Access Permission, Camera, Microphone, Contacts, etc Permission.
Many people don't even know why these apps ask for permissions and most of them give access to all the permissions and that is a very wrong thing anyone could do for themself.

Why Apps Ask For The Permissions?

Apps ask for permissions to run the app properly. If you never give access to the app for different things like a Camera, Microphone, Storage, Contacts, Location, etc you cannot run some features of the app. Like for example If you have the Voice Recorder app then it will ask for Microphone and storage permission to record your voice and store it in your internal storage. If you post images and videos on social media, it will ask for a microphone, camera, storage, etc permissions. 

You should give permissions to those apps that need it. Like for example if you have a Camera App then it will ask for the Camera and Storage Permission. Without this permission, you cannot use that camera app.

Why You Should Never Give Access To Any Permissions To An App?

If the apps need that permission then you should give access to it. But, if the app does not need permissions but still asks for permission never accept it and uninstall the app.
If an app is asking for permission to access your smartphone then you should be aware. That application can misuse your smartphone data.

If an app like the Torch app asks for the storage, camera, microphone, contact, etc permission uninstall that torch app right now. Because question yourself why does the torch app need a camera, storage, microphone, contact, etc permissions. It is just a torch app. If you give access to Cameras, storage, microphone, etc permissions, the app can use them easily and misuse your data.

Always be aware before accepting any permission of the app. Always question why the app needs a Camera, Storage, Microphone, etc permissions. If it is required to run the app properly then give access to them. But, if the app doesn't require those permissions, uninstall that app or disable those permissions right now.

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