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6 Mistake You Should Never Do In Your Smartphone

  Many people use smartphone but in the wrong way. They do a lot of mistakes while using their smartphone. Those mistakes are:   1. Ignoring Apps Permission Many People always ignore the app's permission.  They allow all the permission blindly. You should never do this because an app can track your location, access your storage,  contact, and all the sensitive information if you allow all the permission. So, Always be aware before allowing any permission.       2. Downloading And Installing Apps From Unknown Source You should never download and install apps from unknown sources because that app can contain viruses or malicious code that can steal your personal data/information. Always download and install apps from the google play store or legit sources.   3. Ignoring the Software updates You should always up-to-date your Operating system and apps. New updates come with bug fixes, new features, and security patches. So, you should always update your phone for the best performance.

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