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Is It Good To Use Social Media?

Social media is a boon for this generation. Social media has made the world a global village. Now people can easily connect, share information, and communicate with each other because of it. There is a vast advantage of this social media technology. But, it also has some negative sides. Today people post everything on Social Media. Their good-morning post, breakfast, dinner, traveling, their happiest moment, good night, Freaking everything. Like their whole life is shown on social media and anyone can know what they are doing right now. Problems of Using Social Media A Lot You Became Less Happy In Real Life The one common thing among all the social media-addicted users is that they all are sad in real life. They post their happiest moment, posts, and videos on social media and wait for likes, comments, and followers to increase which makes them happy. And when they don't receive many likes, comments, and followers, they become sad. You Compare Yourself With Other One thing that soc

Is Coding a Stressful Job?

Coding is the process of creating, designing, editing, and modifying a computer program. In this modern computer age, the demand for coding jobs and coders/programmers is high in general. Almost every business is online and digital and to maintain the business digitally, programmers are required. Hence, the increase in the demand for programmers or coding jobs in general. But, is it a good job to do? A few reasons why coding could be a stressful job are: You don’t love to sit in one place in front of your computer for long hours doing logical and creative tasks. You work for a company that gives you tasks out of your expertise or gives you a heavy load of tasks. You and your boss or colleague's taste doesn’t match. You are not a good coder. There could be several reasons behind coding being a stressful job. If you have anyone reason then just never do it. But if you love coding there is no stress. In general, every job is stressful, if you don’t like to do it or if you don’t enjoy

How to Add a Favicon To HTML?

A favicon is an image shown in the tab of the web browser before the web page name. To Add a Favicon To Your Website, first of all, create a favicon image. To create a favicon image you can use , , or other favicon generator tools to create a suitable favicon for your website. The common file name for a favicon is favicon.ico. Now create images named folder in the root directory. Then, save your favicon inside this folder. Then Add <link rel="icon" href="/images/favicon.ico"> after <title> tag inside <head> section. <html>      <head>            .....code.......            .....<title>.....</title>....            <link rel="icon" href="/images/favicon.ico" type="images/x-icon">            ....code.......        </head> </html>

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