Why Should You Create Programming Notebooks?

Many people say writing, creating, and preparing notebooks is old fashion. We are digital now, we can store our text, document, and other files digitally, creating notebooks digitally as well. But, is there any use or pros to creating notebooks, especially for programmers/hackers whose whole career depends on digital mediums.

What are the Advantages of Creating Programming Notebooks?

There are several advantages of creating programming notebooks. They are:

Record of your Programming Learning Journey

You can keep a record of your programming learning journey. You can analyze how long did it take to learn this programming language, how long it took you to learn this part of programming,  etc.

You Can Review What You Have Learned So Far in Programming

You will have written notebook proof of what you have learned so far. You can check and review it and analyze what you have learned and what you have missed learning in programming.

You Can Sell Your Notebooks to New Beginner Programmers

If you have a prepared programming notebook of any programming language like Web Development(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python), Application Development, Game Development, etc you can create a copy of it digitally or hardcopy and sell it to other new upcoming programmers to make extra income.

Increase your Patience and Focus

Since you are preparing your note, you will be motivated to continue learning programming languages because you are recording your progress through notebooks which will ultimately increase your focal length and patience.

Writing Notebooks Increase Your Memory Power

Our whole body is connected to the brain and spinal cords through neurons. The signal of every activity we do transfers to the brain. While learning programming languages and creating notebooks, our hands and brain both are in use. But while not creating notebooks our brain only functions which is enough, but not in front of the combination of handwritten and brain. You will remember more for a long period of time if you create notebooks.

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