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Difference Between Intel i3, i5, i7 and i9 Processor | Which One is Better To Buy?

There are two big Computer Processor producers in the market. They are Intel and AMD. Here, we are going to talk about Intel i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors. These processors are really popular in the market. If someone has a computer, then there is a high possibility, they are using an intel processor. Intel makes i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors for different users. But, which Intel Processor is suitable for you, i3, i5, i7, or i9? On all intel processors, you will hear about Core and Generation. What is Core in Intel Processor? A core is a single processing unit of a Processor. Usually, processors have dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, and more to run multiple programs efficiently. A Single Core handle one part of a computer program that is running. What is Generation in Intel Processor? On Intel processor, you will see 5th gen, 7th gen, 8th gen, 9th gen, etc. What are these generations in the Intel processor? It is actually a generation of processor that tells it is an improved version o

4 Things To Consider While Charging Your Smartphone

We daily use a charger to charge our smartphone battery. Without a charger, we can't recharge our smartphone battery and use the smartphone. So, a charger is the most necessary tool for us. But, most of us use our charger to charge our smartphones in kind of wrong way. So for that, I have mentioned 4 Things that you should consider while charging your smartphone.  Remove Smartphone Case/Cover While Charging Almost every smartphone user uses a smartphone cover/case to protect their phone from scratch and other things, which is a good thing. But, the smartphone cover/case is also one of the main reasons why the smartphone gets heat. Whenever you use a smartphone or charge the smartphone, it produces heat, and because of the cover, the heat can't blow away easily that can actually reduce the smartphone performance. So always try to remove the cover while charging your smartphone because Charging is also one of the activity, your smartphone does. You should also remove the phone ca

Is It Bad To Charge Smartphone With Other Chargers? | 4 Things To Consider Before Using Any Smartphone Charger

I am damn sure most people charge their smartphones using other smartphones chargers, right. Most people charge their smartphone by taking a charger from their friend or anyone without knowing the brand and the capacity of the charger. Is It Bad To Charge Smartphone With Other Chargers? It is 100% ok to charge a smartphone with other chargers if the following points are validated. The Smartphone Charger Output Volt is 5-Volt, 9-Volt, or around 12-Volt Most of the smartphone can be charged with 5-volt current and those smartphones which support fast charging can charge with 9-volt or more than the 9-volt output current. If your smartphone doesn't have a fast charging feature you should charge it with those chargers whose output volt is 5-volt and if your smartphone does support fast charging then you can use 9-volt chargers. The Smartphone Charger is Original and from Reputed Smartphone Brand If the charger is original and from a reputed brand like Samsung, XIAOMI, RealMe, Apple, On

Why You Should Not Use a Memory Card On The Smartphone?

Almost every smartphone user has used or maybe they still use a Memory Card to increase their smartphone storage. If you still use a Memory Card to increase your smartphone storage then I will say stop using it right now because it is one of the main reasons to slow down your smartphone performance. Do You Know Why iPhones Don't Have Memory Card Slot? It's because Apple doesn't want to ruin the iPhone user experience because of the memory card. How Memory Card Slows down the Smartphone Performance? To know how memory card slows down the smartphone performance we need to understand how these storage devices work. A storage device is used to store and copy any type of digital data in it. To store the data in it we copy a file from another storage device and paste it on it right. The data copy/paste process is called Read/Write. Every storage device has its own read and writes speed like some memory card, pen drive, internal storage of the device, etc can have read/write speed

How Do Browsers Make Money If They Are Free To Use?

Have you ever wonder how the Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc make money. Does this browser even make money, or are they free to use? None of us pay money to browse the Internet through these browsers, right. Even you are reading this on the web browser for free. If everything is free, then how do Internet browsers make money? Do Popular Web Browsers Even Make Money? Yes, they make lots of money through the browser. If you think the browser is free, you are wrong. Always remember, If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. All the popular web browsers make money in different ways. But How? Let's start with the most popular web browser Google Chrome. How Google Chrome Earn Money? If you use Google Chrome, then you will see that the default search engine is Google. On the search result page of Google, you will see ads. By showing the ads, Google Chrome generates money. And If you visit any website on Google Ch

Why Is Apple Always Late For Adding New Features Than Android?

If you use both Android devices and iPhones or if you see iPhone new features anywhere, you will found that all the features were already available on Android devices. Not only for iPhone but for most products like Apple Airpods, Apple different services like Apple Pay, iTunes, etc. Why is Apple always late for adding and implementing new features and technologies to their products than Android and other companies? Why Is Apple Always Late For Adding New Features Than Android? There could be various reasons but maybe Apple does this because of the following reasons: Apple Has Its Own Market There are millions of Apple users and Apple products fans. If you see the smartphone users, you will found on average, out of every 4 people 1 person uses Apple iPhone. And All these Apple iPhone users love using it. If you ask any iPhone user which is the best smartphone in the market, they will always say you, iPhone is the best. Apple fans will always believe in Apple and wait for new features ad

5 Websites To Increase Your Typing Speed

If you want to improve your typing speed, then you must do practice typing. If you want someone or something to guide you while practicing typing, you can visit these 5 websites. One website is also enough to guide you. 10FastFingers will help you to improve your typing speed, test your typing speed, play typing speed games against other users online, etc. Ratatype is also one of the popular websites for doing typing practice. Lots of people use this website to increase their typing speed. TheTypingCat is the most popular website for improving typing speed. You can do typing text, take typing guidance, etc on this website. TypingTest is only made for testing the typing speed and some games. You can check it out if  you just want to check your typing speed. Typing will also help you to improve your typing speed and become your typing tutor.

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