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How Do Websites Work?

Whenever we enter the URL on the web browser of any website, the website page which is also known as the webpage is loaded. But, how? How the page stored somewhere else load in the user's computer? How Does Website Work? How Does Website Work? There work 2 computers to make the website work. They are Client-side computers and Server-side computers. Client means the User computer and the Server means where the website data, information, and codes are stored. The wifi/network connection and ISP help to exchange information between the Client and Server. When a user/client enters the URL, the request of the URL goes to the Server. When the server gets the request, it checks its database and analyzes if the user is new, or the user already exists on our server, does this user has uploaded anything to our website, etc. information to show the response to the user. Then, the codes run and create suitable data and information for the user, and then the information is converted into an HTM

How To Hack Chrome Dino Game?

We all have played the Chrome Dino game when we don't have our Internet Connection. Many of us have also tried to score a high score playing it and lose the game many times. But, today you will learn how to hack the Chrome Dino Game. How To Hack Chrome Dino Game? First of all, open the Chrome Dino game. To open it, simply turn off your Internet Connection and enter anything on the URL bar of the Chrome browser, and hit enter. Or you can simply type: chrome://dino on the chrome URL bar to open it. Then, open the Developer tools. To open it, simply right-click and click on Inspect or press the Ctrl+Shift+I key from the keyboard. Then type the code Runner.prototype.gameOver = function () {} or copy it and paste on the Console tab and hit enter. Now your Chrome Dino game is hacked.  

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