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What To Do If You Drop Your Smartphone In Water?

Dropping a smartphone in water accidentally might be a common incident among smartphone users. Many smartphone users sometimes walk near water sight, or while on the boat or anything and drop their smartphone accidentally, and after that their smartphone won't turn on. What To Do If You Drop Your Smartphone In Water? If you have dropped your smartphone accidentally in water and it won't turn on then you might follow these points: Quickly take out your smartphone from the water and clean it with a dry fiber cloth. For god's sake, If the smartphone is on, turn it off until the phone is totally rid of water. Shake your smartphone so that water can come out of the smartphone. Keep your smartphone in a little warm place so that water can vaporize. Don't use too much heat to dry your smartphone. Otherwise, the smartphone's internal part may get damaged. Clean all the ports like headphone port, charging port, SIM card port, etc properly. If the smartphone is free from wate

What is The Use Of Screensaver On The Computer?

We all have once tried to play with screensaver program in windows computer for fun or maybe for other reason. But, have you ever asked yourself, what is a screensaver and what is its use? Everyone might know about it, but many people don't know its use. What is Screensaver On The Computer? Screensaver is a computer program that displays the moving image, text, patterns, object, or blank screen when the user leaves their computer for a while or when the computer is not in use. What is the Use of Screensaver Program? Initially, the screensaver program was used to protect the CRT monitor from the screen burning problem. In the back days, computer monitor technology wasn't advanced as it is now. CRT monitor screen used to easily burn when the same image is being displayed for a while. To stop this screen burning or screen ghost problem, a screensaver program was made. The screensaver program displays the moving image or pattern on the screen when the user stops using their compute

Why India Banned Free Fire And Other Chinese Related Application?

Recently, India banned one of the biggest games called Free Fire and other applications, which were kind of related to China. It is not the first time India has banned something. Before, TikTok, PUBG, and other applications were banned as well. But, why? Why has India Banned Free Fire and Other Applications? The one main reason India has banned or any country will ban applications is 'Privacy'. Privacy is one of the main reasons India and other countries banned theirs oppose country application/products. These banned applications were tracking user-sensitive data, asking for critical permission from the user, and sending real-time data to hostile countries. Concerning the Privacy of the user, the Indian government banned lots of applications that were misusing the user data that can be used to threaten or to do any bad thing to their hostile country. Every user should be aware of their data privacy and security. They should try to protect their personal and sensitive data from

10 Hidden Features/Settings On Samsung Smartphone

If you use a Samsung smartphone then you must know these 10 Hidden Features. These 10 features can make your smartphone uses more efficient and interesting. Turn Off Notification of The App Quickly and Permanently On our smartphones, we daily get different types of notifications from different apps. Some App Notification can become so much annoying when the Notification is popping up many times. If you want to quickly disable Notification of the particular app or make Notification Silent then you can long-press on the Notification and disable it or select the silent or alert option.   Camera Flash Notification You can also make your smartphone camera flash when the notifications pop up on your smartphone. To Enable Camera Flash Notification you have to Follow These Steps: Open Smartphone Settings. Go To Accessibility Option. Go To Advanced Settings Then, Go To Flash Notification and Enable it. Or Simply Search "Flash Notification" on Smartphone Settings Search Bar.   Swipe Do

10 Fun Google Search Tricks

We daily use Google Search Engine to get our questions answer. But do you know that Google is also one of the best place for entertainment. Below I have mentioned 10 Fun Google Search Tricks that will blow your mind. Google Gravity If you search "Google Gravity" and click on  I'm Feeling Lucky. Then, you will see the search bar, logo, etc will fall down because of the gravity.   Recursion If you search "Recursion" on Google, it will keep saying you "Did you mean: recursion". Do A Barrel Roll If you search "Do A Barrel Roll", your search result will rotate for 1 time.   Askew If you search "Askew" on Google, you will see the tilted result on your browser.   Blink HTML If you search "Blink HTML" on Google, some of the words from the search result will start blinking.   Play Pacman It's time for playing some games. If you search "Play Pacman" on Google, you can play Pacman game on Google.   Play Snake If you sea

8 Characteristics Of Modern Computer

A computer is a smart device. It helps us do our day-to-day tasks and others. It has many characteristics. Some of them are: Speed A computer can process simple and complex calculations in a fraction of a second than a human can do. The processing speed is usually measured in Hertz, KiloHertz, MegaHertz, GigaHertz, TeraHertz, and so forth. Accuracy A computer will always give 100% accurate results. If the user gives the correct data, the computer will give the correct Output and if the user gives the wrong data, the computer will give the wrong Output. A computer is called an Accurate machine because it always gives accurate results if the correct data is given. Reliability A computer is called a reliable machine because it gives consistent and accurate results under the given conditions or inputs every time. Automation A computer can perform and complete the task automatically if the instructions are programmed and given to it. It will complete or run the task automatically, according

Computer Memory Measurement Units Chart

A memory unit is a component that is used to store data in the computer. The memory unit can be measured in different units like: Bit Nibble Byte KiloByte MegaByte GigaByte TeraByte PetaByte ExaByte ZettaByte YottaByte Computer Memory Unit Measurement Chart 0 or 1 1 Bit(Binary Digit) 4 Bits 1 Nibble 8 Bits 1 Byte 1024 Bytes 1 MB(MegaByte) 1024 MB 1 GB(GigaByte) 1024 GB 1 TB(TeraByte) 1024 TB 1 PB(PetaByte) 1024 PB 1 EB(ExaByte) 1024 EB 1 ZB(ZettaByte) 1024 ZB 1 YB(YottaByte)

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