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Where is Windows 11?

 Windows is a very popular Operating System in the world. I am 100% sure, Windows OS was their first-ever computer operating system for most people. It can be either Windows-XP, Windows-7, or Windows 10. But, where is windows 11? Where is Windows 11? There is not any Windows 11 Operating System From Microsoft. They haven't made any new Windows Operating System. When will Windows 11 Launch? Never. We will never see a new Windows 11 Operating System from Microsoft. We have to keep using Windows 10 Operating System. Why Windows 11 Will Never Launch? It's because Microsoft will provide all the new features and security patches through Updates On Windows 10. Every year Microsoft will push an update on Windows 10. Microsoft will keep adding new features, Settings, Security Updates On Windows 10. The second reason can be to learn a new Operating System. It takes lots of time to get familiar with any new operating system user interface and settings and many people are already familiar

4 Useful Tips for Smartphone Users

In this post, I will share 4 Useful Tips for Smartphone Users. They are as follows: Use Bluelight Filter/Night Mode: Today, On every smartphone you will get a feature of Bluelight filter or Night Mode. You should Enable Bluelight Filter At Night-Time because your smartphone display produces blue light that affects your sleep. If you Enable Bluelight Filter Option the blue light will be blocked that will reduce the strain on your eye. ( Click here, To Know More About Bluelight Filter/NightMode ) Fast Charging and Saving Smartphone Battery Power: Today's smartphones are coming with 30W, 40W, 50W, etc charging capacity. But, there are still a lot of people who don't have a fast charging feature on their smartphones. If you are one of them then you must enable Airplane Mode while charging your smartphone. Airplane Mode will disable Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth, etc features that consume battery in the background every time. And it will also save your smartphone battery. So, You must use

Should You Use Battery Saving Apps?

 If you open and search "Battery Saver" on the play store and AppStore, you will get thousands of apps. Do You Need To Use Battery Saving Apps On Your Smartphone? What Does Battery Saver Apps Do? Battery Saver Apps turn off all the battery-consuming apps, settings, and features like auto-brightness, different sensors, etc. automatically. Do You Need To Use Any Battery Saving Apps On Your Smartphone? No, You don't need to use any Battery Saving Apps on your Smartphone . Because you can turn off all the settings like Bluetooth,  Screen Brightness, and other features manually. The Battery Saving Apps will also consume your smartphone battery to turn off all those settings. And Today's Smartphone Operating Systems are smart and powerful. They are programmed in a way that will decrease your battery consumption. So, You Don't Need To Use Any Battery Saving Apps on Your Smartphone. If you are using any Battery Saving App then Uninstall it right now. I hope this was helpf

How To Free Up Smartphone Storage?

If your smartphone storage is full then you must free it. Because when your smartphone storage becomes full you cannot download more files, capture more images and videos. Your smartphone will also become slow because of full storage. How To Free Up Smartphone Storage? Here Are Some Tips To Free Up Smartphone Storage: Delete Unused and Unnecessary Apps and Games: If you have unwanted Apps and games on your smartphone then just delete them. These unwanted files take a lot of space on your smartphone. Delete Unwanted Images and Videos: You should delete unwanted videos and images from your smartphone. Delete Cache Memory: If you open and go to Settings>Apps>AppsData then you will get an option of cache memory. You can delete that cache memory because it is a temporary file. Though they will be created again when you use that app. Keep your important images and videos on External Memory Card: You can buy a high storage memory card whose R/W Speed is more than 10MB/s and copy your a

Why Should I Restart My Smartphone And Computer?

 On every smartphone and computer, you will get one option called Restart or Reboot. What's the use of the Restart Option? When Should You Restart Your Smartphone or Computer? What's The Use Of The Restart Option? Restart Option helps your device to clear all the temporary memory, files, small error, and apps crashing problems. It also makes your smartphone and computer fast and smooth after restarting/rebooting it because all the temporary and unwanted files are cleared from the memory/RAM. When Should You Restart Your Smartphone or Computer? You should restart your Smartphone or Computer: When some apps crashed or stop working. When your device hangs a lot. When some software features stop working on the device. When your device takes a long time to perform. Restarting your device once a week is a good thing. Your device will become fresh after the restart. So, make sure you restart your device once a week. You can also use Auto-Restart Option On Your Smartphone.   BTW, When

Can Smartphone Replace Desktop and Laptop Computer?

 Right Now, the most used device in the world is a smartphone. Many people are buying smartphones as their first Personal Device. Many people haven't bought a laptop and a Desktop computer. But, they own a smartphone. Nowadays, many computer-related works like editing photos, videos, playing games, creating a document, presentation, and sheet, etc can be done on a smartphone. Can Smartphone Replace Computer? No. I guess smartphones cannot replace a computer. Though it can do a lot of computer-related tasks. But, not all the tasks. You need a computer for developing/creating websites, apps, and other professional works. You cannot do these tasks on a smartphone. A smartphone is made for running Apps, games, and other general things. Whereas, A computer is made for both running, creating, and managing those apps, games, and files. But, who knows the future?   I hope this was helpful. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

Why iPhone Run Smoothly With Less RAM than Android?

 If you have used both Apple iPhone and Android Phone that you might notice the RAM size difference. Nowadays, Android phones are coming with 8GB, 12GB, and 16GB RAM. Where on iPhone, you still get 4GB, 6GB RAM. And Even with less RAM iPhone run smoothly than most of the Android phone. Why? Why iPhone runs smoothly with Less RAM? iPhone runs smoothly with less RAM because the iOS(iPhone Operating System) doesn't require much RAM to run. iOS developer has designed this operating system to run it easily on less RAM. And, Apple also makes their hardware and software themselves for iPhone, which helps to optimize it properly. Whereas On Android phones, the hardware is made by other companies and the Android OS is made by another company called Google. And this causes a decrease in the rate of optimization of hardware and software compared to the iPhone. But, if you are using an Android flagship phone, you might not face this problem.     BTW, Which Smartphone you are using right now, A

Can I Use Other Smartphone Charger To Charge My Smartphone?

 Should You Charge Your Smartphone With Other Smartphone Chargers? You might ask this question or maybe not. But, Can You Use Other Smartphone Charger To Charge Your Smartphone? Yes, you can use other smartphone chargers to charge your smartphone unless you have an original charger. An Original Charger means a charger made by a trusted brand like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Xiaomi , etc. You can use Samsung Charger to Charge Oppo Devices, Oneplus Charger to charge Xiaomi devices, and so on.   Why Not Use an Unbranded charger?    You should never use duplicate, cheap, local, and unbranded charger. Because those cheap chargers are not manufactured as a branded chargers. A cheap/duplicate charger can damage your smartphone battery and it can even destroy your smartphone.   You can easily use other smartphone chargers to charge your smartphone. I hope this was helpful. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

Should I Charge Smartphone OverNight?

I am damn sure, you have heard this thing like don't charge your smartphone overnight, your smartphone will blast if you keep your phone on charging , etc. But, Is it True? Today's smartphones are really smart. The processor, battery, and software are very smart. Why Smartphone is called Smart? Because it knows when to do some task. Today's smartphone has a smart processor and software. They know when to stop charging a battery when it reaches 100%. Does Smartphone blast if you charge your smartphone overnight? No , your smartphone will not blast if you charge your smartphone overnight. Unless you have today's latest smartphone and original branded charger. You can charge your smartphone overnight if you have today's smartphone and original branded charger.   And, I will also recommend you to keep your smartphone away from yourself when you are charging it at night time. Because you never know what's gonna happen.     I hope this was helpful. Don't Forget To

Why To Use Incognito Mode?

 Have you ever used Incognito Mode or Private Mode on your web browser? Maybe you have, right. But, did you know what is the use of incognito Mode?   What is Incognito Mode? Incognito or Private Mode is a feature of a web browser that helps you to browse the internet without saving your browsing history. Many people think that Incognito Mode makes them anonymous on the internet. But, that's not true.  In incognito mode, your browsing history is not saved on the computer that you are using for browsing the internet. Otherwise, your history is still saved on the website you have visited, your Internet Service Provider can track what are you doing on the Internet. What is Incognito Mode Used For? It is used to prevent your browsing history from being stored on the computer. (But, your data is still stored on the server website.) Then, Why Incognito Mode is made? It is made for different purposes like: If you are browsing the Internet from a public computer then it will help you to p

What is Cloud Computing?

 What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is a process of sending, storing, and receiving data to the server through the internet. For Eg: Google Cloud Storage: You can use Google Cloud Storage to store your files, images, videos, etc on google Server through the Internet. What is the use of Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing will help us to do a heavy task on a normal computer. For Eg: You can play high-end games on your slow PC through cloud computing. The game will be stored and process from the server, but you will play the game on your monitor screen through the Internet. Is Cloud Computing a Future? Yes, Cloud Computing is going to be the future. In the future, the Internet will become a lot faster through the 5G Network. Because of the fast internet, we can send and receive data quickly from the server to our computer and do more tasks through cloud computing. What's your Opinion On Cloud Computing? I hope this was helpful. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

Why Removable Battery On A Smartphone Disappear?

 If you remember, there was a time of the removable battery on a smartphone. But now, all the smartphone come with non-removable batteries. Why Removable Battery On A Smartphone Disappear? Some Of The Reason Removable Battery Disappear from a Smartphone are: To Make a Slim Phone: Smartphone brands can easily manufacture a slim phone by using a non-removable battery. If they use a removable battery on a smartphone, the phone will become thick because of its design and manufacturing. To Increase Battery Size: Smartphone brands can use the big battery by designing and placing the battery inside a phone. If they use a removable battery, they cannot do engineering on a smartphone properly. To Make Waterproof Smartphone: It is not possible to make a smartphone waterproof by using a removable battery. To make a waterproof smartphone, it should be packed properly. For Foldable Phone: As you already know foldable phones are going to become a future of a smartphone. To make it easy to fold, smar

Why You Should Avoid Using Pirated/Crack Software?

 What is pirated software? Pirated Software is a stolen software. Why You Should Avoid Using Pirated Software? If you use any pirated software. Then, you must stop using it because it can harm your device. Some Reason for not using Pirated Software: It may contain a harmful virus and malicious files. It can send your computer system information to the hacker. It can ruin your computer system. The software company losses a lot of money because of piracy. How To Download Original Software: Buy or Download Software from legit sources. Avoid downloading or purchasing software from any random website. Always check the License Agreement, Permissions, Rules, and Regulations of the software. Download Original Software and Stop Piracy!!   I hope this was helpful. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

6 Useful Websites For Students

  On the Internet, there are millions of sites including . Below I have mentioned 6 useful websites for the students. If you want a solution for a HowTo, How related question on any topic. Then, you should visit Most of you may already know about this popular site. But, many students don't take advantage of Wikipedia. You can find the answer to any question on Wikipedia. Grammarly will help you to write an article, paragraph without any grammar and spelling mistakes. Though, you need to pay money for accessing the most useful features. But, the free features of Grammarly are really useful too. Quora is a site where you can ask and answer the question around the world. If you are a student and a learner. Then, you must visit Quora. If you are a book reader. Then, this website is made for you. On, you will get millions of pdf files. You can download the PDF for free and start re

Do I Need To Buy A 5G Phone Right Now?

If you are using the Internet for the last ten years. Then, you are the person who was using 3G and still using 4G net on a smartphone, right. If you check the smartphone market then you will see a lot of 5G smartphones. But, Do You Need a 5G Phone, right now? What is a 5G Smartphone? A 5G smartphone is a smartphone that supports 5G internet. What is a 5G Net? 5G is the fifth generation of the network. The net speed of 5G is more than 20GB per second. You can download a 1GB file in just a second using 5G net. Do I Need To Buy a 5G Smartphone? Yes, If you have a 5G net tower in your area/country. No, If you don't have a 5G net tower in your area/country.   In some countries, 5G Net is being used. If you are that lucky person, you should buy a 5G smartphone. It is expected that by 2025 5G will come all over the world. So, If you don't have a 5G tower in your area then you don't need to buy a 5G phone.  

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