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Different Types Of Hackers | Who is Hacker?

If you think, There is only one type of hacker who does illegal activities, then you are wrong. Because there are different types of hackers, some hackers do illegal activities, some of them work for a tech company, some of them help others to protect their private information, etc. Who is Hacker? Hacker is a person who uses technical skill to breaks system security and gets access to all the information inside a computer. Types of Hackers: There are a lot of hackers in the world. But, the most popular hackers are: White Hat Hacker: White Hat Hacker is a person who does hacking to help others. These hackers also do jobs in a lot of tech and non-tech companies. They protect the information of a company from other hackers. They are also known as an ethical hacker.  Black Hat Hacker: Black Hat Hackers are just the opposite of White Hat Hacker. They always do illegal activities like phishing someone, hacking other bank accounts detail, harassing others, etc. Grey Hat Hacker: Grey Hat Ha

Different Types Of Sensor In A Smartphone And Their Uses

You may don't know, But, There are lots of useful sensors in a smartphone. Some of them are:    Accelerometer Sensor  Magnetometer Sensor  Proximity Sensor  Ambient Light Sensor  Barometer Sensor  Gyroscope Sensor  Thermometer Sensor  Pedometer Sensor  Fingerprint Sensor 1.Accelerometer Sensor: Accelerometer Sensor is used to detect the Orientation of a Smartphone. You might have used your smartphone in portrait mode or landscape mode, right. To rotate a smartphone horizontally or vertically, Accelerometer Sensor is used. 2.Magnetometer Sensor: A magnetometer Sensor is used to detect the Earth's magnetic field. It will show you the East, West, North, and South directions in a digital compass app that you can download from the play store or app store. 3.Proximity Sensor: A proximity sensor is used to detect how much near the object is. Did you ever think that when you take your smartphone near to your face while calling, your smartphone display turns off? It's because of th

SSD vs HDD | Which One is Best?

To store the files and folders on the computer, we need a storage device. But, In the market, there are different options like SSD(Solid-State-Drive) and HDD(Hard-Disk-Drive) . Which one is fast and best for you? HDD HDD is a storage device that stores data. It has a moving disk inside it to store the data, files, and folders magnetically. HDD is one of the oldest storage devices and technology. The read/write speed of HDD is slow because it has a movable disk to read/write the data. SSD SSD is a solid-state storage device that doesn't have any moving parts. All data are stored in an integrated circuit inside SSD. The read/write speed of SSD is fast because it doesn't have any movable parts. Difference Between SSD and HDD: SSD HDD Faster than HDD. Slower than SSD. Expensive. Cheap. It doesn't corrupt quickly. It corrupt easily most of the time. Doesn't get damaged easily when dropped.(Not In

32-Bit vs 64-Bit | Difference Between 32-bit and 64-bits And Which One is Fast?

Did you ever think about what is 32-bit and 64-bit system? What's the difference between them and which one is fast? In this blog, We will be talking about it.  What is Bit?   A Bit is a Basic Unit of information in a computer that can address a single memory either, 0 or 1 ( 0=False, 1=True ). Similarly, 2-Bit system can address upto 2 2 =4 memories.( 00,01,10,11 ) 3-Bit system can address upto 2 3 =8 memories.( 000,001,010,011,100,101,110,111 ) 4-Bit system can address upto 2 4 =16 memories.( 0000,0001,0010,0011,0100,0101,0110,0111,1000,1001,1010,1011,1100,1101,1110,1111 ) 32-Bit system can address upto 2 32 = 4,294,967,296 or 4GB of memory. 64-Bit system can address upto 2 64 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 or 18Billion GB of memory. Difference: 32Bit 64Bit Support 4GB of RAM Support 18BillionGB of RAM Can Run 32-bit OS and apps Can Run Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS and apps Which is one is fast? In short, a 64-B

60hz vs 90hz vs 120hz | Which One is Best? | What is Refresh Rate?

  What is Refresh Rate? Refresh Rate is the number of times per second a display refresh the information. Most of the smartphones come with a 60hz refresh rate specially, in the budget and mid-range segment. 60hz refresh rate means a display update the image or information 60 times per second.     60hz => 60 times per second 90hz => 90 times per second 120hz => 120 times per second 144hz => 144 times per second and so on. 60hz vs 90hz vs 120hz Most of the budget and lower mid-range phones come with a 60hz refresh rate, where upper mid-range and flagship phones come with a 90hz and 120hz refresh rate. Well, all these three refresh rates are best. But, 90hz and 120hz display will give you a smoother experience than 60hz. That doesn't mean 60hz is bad. 60hz is also smooth, and one advantage with a 60hz display is it consumes less battery power than 90hz and 120hz. Obviously, more battery power is required for refreshing the display 120 times.  Which One is Best 60hz,

7 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, then you must consider these 7 points. But, first of all, decide your budget. 1.Build Quality Build Quality is actually a back panel of a smartphone. In the smartphone market, You will get different build qualities like Plastic Panel, Glass Panel, and Metal Panel. All these panels have their own pros and cons like: Plastic Panel:   Pros     It is durable.     It is cheap, and a lot of smartphone companies use it. Cons     It easily gets scratch and dust.     The smartphone doesn't look premium. Glass Panel:   Pros     The smartphone look premium.     It doesn't get scratch and dust easily. Cons     It easily breaks if it falls. Metal Panel   Pros     It doesn't get dust easily.     It looks premium.     It is durable. Cons     Easily get scratch.     Phone heat a lot while using heavy apps. All the panels are the best in their own way. 2.Display You should always check the display resolution and size. In a smartphone, you will g

Types Of Smartphone Camera Lens And Their Uses

Today's smartphones are coming with Dual Cameras, Triple Cameras, Quad Cameras, and so on. In this article, We will be discussing about the types of smartphone camera lenses. Macro Lens This lens is used to capture close-up, small objects images. Example: small insects, plants, etc. The focus distance of this lens is low than the other. Telephoto Lens The focal length of this lens is very high to capture faraway objects. A telephoto lens will allow you to capture an image of an object which is far away. You might have seen the images of the football, cricket, volleyball, etc. players, right. These types of images are taken with a telephoto lens. Wide Angle/Ultra Wide Angle Lens This is one of my favorite camera lenses. As a name given, It is used to capture wide-angle images. You can capture more areas with this lens. You will find a wide-angle or an ultra-wide-angle lens in a lot of smartphones.  Monochrome Lens This lens capture more detail on the image than the other lens but i

When You Should Buy a New Smartphone? Right Time To Upgrade A Smartphone?

If you are thinking to buy a new smartphone then, first of all, you should consider these points.      Right Time To Buy A New Smartphone   1.You are using your smartphone for more than 2 years. If you are using your smartphone for a long time and if some of the features are not working, then you should get a new phone. 2.No OS Updates After a couple of years, smartphone companies(not all the company) stop providing software updates. If you are not getting any software updates, then you must buy a new latest phone because OS Updates comes with new features and other bugs/problems fixes, security patches. 3.Camera Is Not Working If you love taking pictures and videos, then it must be your favorite feature of a smartphone. If your smartphone camera is damaged or if it is not working properly and if it doesn't have a lot of the latest features like slow-motion, night mode, EIS/OIS, 4K Recording, etc. then, you should buy a new camera-centric smartphone. 4.Lack of Storage and RAM To

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