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Best Mic For YouTube Videos | Boya BY-M1 Mic Review

If you are a content creator, especially on YouTube, then you probably need one mic to record your audio for videos, right. So for that, we are going to review one popular mic amongst all the new and biggest YouTubers . That Mic is a BOYA BY-M1 mic. BOYA BY-M1 mic: BOYA BY-M1 is the best mic for a new Content Creator. I personally use this mic to record audio of my Youtube videos. @SmartTechTipYouTubeChannel  Features: i)   Come with 3.5MM Jack ii)  Easily work with Smartphones, DSLR, PC, Audio Recorder, etc. iii) 6M long Cable For Making videos by keeping a camera far. iv) Includes one lapel clip, Adapter, LR44 Battery, Foam For What Types Of Videos: You can buy this mic if you make videos by sitting at the same place as most of the tech videos, educational videos, Game Streaming, etc. Click here to Buy This Mic Now, If you don't have 3.5MM Headphone Jack, then You can Buy BOYA BY-M3 Lavalier Mic that comes with a type-C Plug.  Click Here To Buy Now(Only a Few Stocks are remainin

Different Types Of Hackers | Who is Hacker?

If you think, There is only one type of hacker who does illegal activities, then you are wrong. Because there are different types of hackers, some hackers do illegal activities, some of them work for a tech company, some of them help others to protect their private information, etc. Who is Hacker? Hacker is a person who uses technical skill to breaks system security and gets access to all the information inside a computer. Types of Hackers: There are a lot of hackers in the world. But, the most popular hackers are: White Hat Hacker: White Hat Hacker is a person who does hacking to help others. These hackers also do jobs in a lot of tech and non-tech companies. They protect the information of a company from other hackers. They are also known as an ethical hacker.  Black Hat Hacker: Black Hat Hackers are just the opposite of White Hat Hacker. They always do illegal activities like phishing someone, hacking other bank accounts detail, harassing others, etc. Grey Hat Hacker: Grey Hat Hac

Different Types Of Sensor In A Smartphone And Their Uses

You may don't know, But, There are lots of useful sensors in a smartphone. Some of them are:    Accelerometer Sensor  Magnetometer Sensor  Proximity Sensor  Ambient Light Sensor  Barometer Sensor  Gyroscope Sensor  Thermometer Sensor  Pedometer Sensor  Fingerprint Sensor 1.Accelerometer Sensor: Accelerometer Sensor is used to detect the Orientation of a Smartphone. You might have used your smartphone in portrait mode or landscape mode, right. To rotate a smartphone horizontally or vertically, Accelerometer Sensor is used. 2.Magnetometer Sensor: A magnetometer Sensor is used to detect the Earth's magnetic field. It will show you the East, West, North, and South directions in a digital compass app that you can download from the play store or app store. 3.Proximity Sensor: A proximity sensor is used to detect how much near the object is. Did you ever think that when you take your smartphone near to your face while calling, your smartphone display turns off? It's because of th

Best iPhone Accessories To Buy | For Apple User

If you use the Apple iPhone, Then you must buy these accessories.   Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter By using this charger, you can charge your iPhone very quickly. Apple has not included the charger inside its latest iPhone 12 Series. So, Buying This charger will be a great option to charge your iPhone. Buy Now, Apple Lightning To USB-C, 3.5MM jack, and USB Cable You Need Apple Lightning To USB-C and USB cable to charge your iPhone, and If you want to use Apple Wired Headphone, then Apple Lightning To 3.55MM jack is made for you. Buy Now, Apple Magsafe Charger Apple iPhones support wireless charging. If you have the latest iPhone 12, then you must buy it. Buy Now, Apple Airpods Apple really makes great wireless AirPods.The build quality and the sound of AirPods is really great. I will 100% recommend buying an apple airpods. You can buy Apple Airpods with wireless charger and wired charger. Buy Now, Apple Earpods This is a wired earphone from Apple.. You can also buy it if you want. Buy N

SSD vs HDD | Which One is Best?

To store the files and folders on the computer, we need a storage device. But, In the market, there are different options like SSD(Solid-State-Drive) and HDD(Hard-Disk-Drive) . Which one is fast and best for you? HDD HDD is a storage device that stores data. It has a moving disk inside it to store the data, files, and folders magnetically. HDD is one of the oldest storage devices and technology. The read/write speed of HDD is slow because it has a movable disk to read/write the data. SSD SSD is a solid-state storage device that doesn't have any moving parts. All data are stored in an integrated circuit inside SSD. The read/write speed of SSD is fast because it doesn't have any movable parts. Difference Between SSD and HDD: SSD is faster than HDD, you can quickly copy and move files, doesn't corrupt easily, drop resistant, small in size. But, It is expensive. HDD is slower than SSD. But, It is cheap. Which One is Best For You? It depends. If you use your computer just for

32-Bit vs 64-Bit | Difference Between 32-bit and 64-bits And Which One is Fast?

Did you ever think about what is 32-bit and 64-bit system? What's the difference between them and which one is fast? In this blog, We will be talking about it.  What is Bit?   A Bit is a Basic Unit of information in a computer that can address a single memory either, 0 or 1 ( 0=False, 1=True ). Similarly, 2-Bit system can address upto 2 2 =4 memories.( 00,01,10,11 ) 3-Bit system can address upto 2 3 =8 memories.( 000,001,010,011,100,101,110,111 ) 4-Bit system can address upto 2 4 =16 memories.( 0000,0001,0010,0011,0100,0101,0110,0111,1000,1001,1010,1011,1100,1101,1110,1111 ) 32-Bit system can address upto 2 32 = 4,294,967,296 or 4GB of memory. 64-Bit system can address upto 2 64 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 or 18Billion GB of memory. Difference: Which is one is fast? In short, a 64-Bit system is faster than a 32-bit system because it supports more memory than a 32-bit system.( 64>32 ) Should I go For a 64-bit System? It depends, If you use a computer just for brows

5 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets

  1.OTG(On-The-Go) Adapter: OTG is used to connect the USB cable, flash drive, and other USB accessories with a smartphone. In a market or online store, you will get 2 types of OTG. They are Type-C OTG and Micro-USB OTG.    Click Here to Buy. 2.Selfie Ring Light Selfie Ring Light is for those who love to take selfies. This produces a soft light on the face. It is more useful in taking selfies at night time or in low light condition.   Click Here, To Buy Selfie Right Light.   3.Mobile Game Controller If you love to play games on your smartphone, then this is for you. By using this gadget, You can aim and shoot at the same time if you are playing action or battle royal games like PUBG, CODM, FreeFire, etc.   Click Here, To Buy Mobile Game Controller.   4.Lazy Phone Holder If you are a lazy person like me to hold your smartphone while watching movies or watching YouTube Videos then, This gadget might be useful for you. You Can strap this holder on your neck and hold your smartphone. You c

60hz vs 90hz vs 120hz | Which One is Best? | What is Refresh Rate?

  What is Refresh Rate? Refresh Rate is the number of times per second a display refresh the information. Most of the smartphones come with a 60hz refresh rate specially, in the budget and mid-range segment. 60hz refresh rate means a display update the image or information 60 times per second.     60hz => 60 times per second 90hz => 90 times per second 120hz => 120 times per second 144hz => 144 times per second and so on. 60hz vs 90hz vs 120hz Most of the budget and lower mid-range phones come with a 60hz refresh rate, where upper mid-range and flagship phones come with a 90hz and 120hz refresh rate. Well, all these three refresh rates are best. But, 90hz and 120hz display will give you a smoother experience than 60hz . That doesn't mean 60hz is bad. 60hz is also smooth, and one advantage with a 60hz display is it consumes less battery power than 90hz and 120hz . Obviously, more battery power is required for refreshing the display 120 times.  Which One is Best 60

7 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, then you must consider these 7 points. But, first of all, decide your budget. 1.Build Quality Build Quality is actually a back panel of a smartphone. In the smartphone market, You will get different build qualities like Plastic Panel, Glass Panel, and Metal Panel. All these panels have their own pros and cons like: Plastic Panel:   Pros     It is durable.     It is cheap, and a lot of smartphone companies use it. Cons     It easily gets scratch and dust.     The smartphone doesn't look premium. Glass Panel:   Pros     The smartphone look premium.     It doesn't get scratch and dust easily. Cons     It easily breaks if it falls. Metal Panel   Pros     It doesn't get dust easily.     It looks premium.     It is durable. Cons     Easily get scratch.     Phone heat a lot while using heavy apps. All the panels are the best in their own way. 2.Display You should always check the display resolution and size. In a smartphone, you will ge

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