What Should I Buy An Android Flagship or Apple iPhone?


The smartphone is a very popular device among people. Nowadays most people have Android phones and Apple iPhones. And there are also those people who are confused between Android Flagships and Apple iPhones. They wanted to buy a $1000 flagship phone but from which brand Apple or other Android Flagship smartphone manufacturers like Samsung.

Android Flagships like Samsung S-series and Note-series, Xiaomi, Vivo, Flagship smartphones, etc are the best android phones. Android flagships have all the latest and powerful features like a powerful camera, display, operating system, processor, battery, etc, and everything. You might become the biggest fan of Android User Interface.
Whereas, iPhones have all the latest iOS features. It also has the best camera, processor, best user interface and user experience, security, etc.

What Should I Buy An Android Flagship or Apple iPhone?

It depends upon you.
If you like customization of UI, wanted to download apps and movies from third-party websites, and want freedom from downloading, changing most of the software features then go for an Android phone.
But, if you are a normal business person or a person who uses a smartphone for browsing the internet and social media, using phone calls, etc, and other normal tasks and doesn't want any type of security issue or problem then you must buy an Apple iPhone.

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