Why You Should Stop Using Windows 7 Right Now?


I have seen lots of people using Windows 7 and older versions of Windows operating systems like WindowsXP, Windows Vista, etc which is kind of a wrong thing for their privacy and security. If you are one of them who is using Windows 7 OS then delete it and install Windows 10 or upcoming Windows 11 on your computer.


Why You Should Stop Using Windows 7?

You should stop using Windows 7 because Microsoft now doesn't support this operating system. Microsoft will never provide system and security patches updates to Windows 7 which increases the rate of vulnerability. 

For example, A hacker found a security issue and vulnerability in Windows 7 and Microsoft doesn't solve the security issue of Windows 7. Now what will happen, the hacker can access your computer information easily and misused your private information because of the vulnerability. 

So it is very risky to use an outdated operating system like Windows 7 which doesn't have any official security and bug fixes update officially from the company.
Microsoft will also do it one day with their upcoming and current operating system like Windows 10. They will stop providing updates to their outdated Operating system.

What Should I Now If I am still using outdated Windows 7 OS?

Simple, just upgrade your operating system. Delete Windows 7 and install Windows 10 and the upcoming version of the Windows operating system.

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