5 Pro Ways To Search On Google


Nowadays almost everyone uses Google for searching for something. But, most people usually search by just typing the text on the search bar. Sometimes they get the answer to the question but sometimes they get confused with the search results, right. Below I have mentioned 5 pros way or tips to search on Google that will help you to find out the result or answer you want by Google.

Use "...."

If you want your search result that includes a specific word or sentence. Then you should type that word between "....". For eg: If you want the result which has a word called COMPUTER, type "computer" between the inverted comma.

Use * for a missing word

This tip will help find music or popular quotes. If you heard a song and you remember some line of the song and forget some between words then use Asterisk "*" instead of that word. For Eg: Let * * you, Everybody is * but if you * * fish, etc.


Use site:websiteURL

If you want your search result from a specific website that you must include Site:WebsiteURL and your search term. For eg: site:smarttechtip.com computer. Now you will get the result from the smarttechtip.com website only.


If you want to know how much the number is in the name then you should search Numbers=english. For eg: 1234567890=english, etc


Use Google for Math problems

Google can also solve your math problems. Just type your Math question on the search bar and you will get your result.

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