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Never Use Free WIFI | Is Free Wifi Safe?

  We are living in the Internet era. Everyone is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. You will also get lots of free Wi-Fi in your area. Should You Use that free Wi-Fi? Should I Use Free or Public Wi-Fi? No, cause your browsing history can be monitored by the Wi-Fi owner. The Wifi owner can track your login details if you are visiting any HTTP site.   Whenever you visit any site you will see two things before every website URL. That is HTTP or HTTPS.  HTTP If you are visiting an HTTP site never use Public or Free Wifi because your login data, browsing data can be easily tracked. HTTPS If you are visiting an HTTPS site then it is a little bit safe because it is an encrypted site. But, the Free Wi-fi owner can track which website did you visit. ( Click Here, And Read The Second Point To Know It In Detail ) In conclusion , Never use free Wi-Fi anywhere . Instead of it, you should use secure Wi-Fi provided by ISP, the trusted Wi-Fi network of hotel, restaurant, etc. I ho

$400 vs $1000 Phones | Midrange vs Flagship Phones | Which One is Better?

   In the market, you will get the smartphone at a different price range. Some smartphones cost $300-400, some of them cost $1000+. At what price should you buy a smartphone. Should you buy a $400 Mid-range phone or a $1000+ Flagship phone. Flagship vs Midrange   Flagship   Flagship phones are the best phone in the market. It has the best camera, best processor, best battery life, best user experience, and everything best.  Midrange Phone Whereas, a Midrange phone is best at some specific features like a best Camera Mid-range phone, best battery life mid-range phone, etc, or all features with low performance. Which One is Best Flagship or Midrange? Depends. If your budget is high and if you want all the cool, latest features on your smartphone then you should go for a flagship phone. But, if your budget is low, and want one feature to be good then you should go for a mid-range phone. BTW, If you ask me ( Rohit Shah ), I will go for a Flagship Phone. I hope this was helpful. Don't

Top 5 Computer Hacks And Tricks

   In this post, I will be sharing the top 5 computer tricks and hacks that you must use on your computer. Those hacks and tricks are: Changing Password Without Entering Current Password Not kidding, You can change your computer password without entering your current computer password. To do so, You need to follow the following steps: STEP 1: Open CMD STEP 2: Type "Net User 'Administration Name' 'Password' " STEP 3: Hit Enter Now your computer password is changed. ( Click Here, To Know It in Detail ) Use ALT+F4 key to shutdown computer quickly Normally, people use their mouse to shut down the computer. If you want to shut down your computer quickly then you must use the key combination called ALT+F4+Enter Key to shut your computer quickly. You can also close your opened program using this shortcut key. Make Your Computer Fast If your computer is running slowly. It took lots of time to open a general app. Then, you must Restart your computer right now.  Res

5 Cool Smartphone Hacks

A smartphone is a great gadget ever made. In this post, I will share some smartphone hacks or tricks with you. They are: Check Remote Battery Life If you want to check your TV, AC, or other Remote battery life. Then, Open Smartphone Camera App Point Remote IR Emitter to the Camera Click any button of a Remote.  If the light blinks then your remote battery condition is good and if it doesn't blinks then buy a new battery for it. Charge Phone Faster If you want to charge your smartphone faster then you just need to do one thing. That is turn On Airplane Mode while charging your smartphone. Airplane Mode disables all the Settings like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Phone Network, etc. that decrease the consumption of battery power. Save Your Smartphone Battery If you want to save your smartphone battery start using dark wallpaper and dark themes. If you have an AMOLED screen then you must do it to save your smartphone battery life because AMOLED screens consume less power while displaying a black

Laptop vs Desktop Computer | Which Is The Best?

When it comes to buying a new computer, many people get confused between Laptop and Desktop . Some people say that the Laptop is best because it is portable, and some say the Desktop is best because you can get a high-end specs Desktop at less price than the high-end specs laptop. Which One is Best For You? Laptop A laptop is a small, portable personal computer that you can take anywhere with you. Advantages: 1.You Can Use a Laptop anywhere. 2.It is small in size. 3.Everything is build-in like Keyboard, Screen, Mouse(TouchPad), Speakers, Microphone, Webcam, etc. Disadvantages: 1.Hard to upgrade the components. 2.High-end Laptops are expensive than the same specs Desktop. 3.Small Screen Size can bother some people. Desktop A desktop is a computer that is designed to put on a desk. Advantages : 1.High-end Desktops are cheap than the same specs laptop. 2.Easy To Upgrade Hardware like Processor, RAM, Monitor, etc. Disadvantage: 1.You cannot take your desktop computer anywhere as a laptop.

How Much RAM Do I Need On A Computer and Laptop?

RAM is one of the most important components that is required while building a computer. RAM are available in different sizes like 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM, 8GB RAM, 16GB RAM, 32GB RAM and so forth. How much RAM do we actually need in a computer? What would be an ideal RAM size for you? What is RAM? RAM(Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory that stores the data and information while receiving power. When the electricity turns off, All the data and information erase from RAM. And when the electricity is available on the computer, the operating system takes some space in GBs in RAM. That's why it is called volatile memory. How Much RAM Do I Need In A Computer? In today's time, you will get a computer and laptop with more than 4GB of RAM. Today's popular operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 11, LINUX, Apple macOS, and other need around 2GB of RAM to run the computer system. And to run other application programs on the computer, more RAM space is required. How much R

5 Useful Keyboard Shortcut Keys

   Below I have mentioned 5 useful keyboard shortcut keys that will help you a lot while doing tasks on the computer. They are: Alt+Tab By pressing Alt+Tab Key from your Keyboard you can switch to the open windows on your computer. You don't need to use a mouse to switch between open tabs. Just use key combination " alt+tab ". alt+f4 By pressing Alt+f4 you can close the open window. You can even shut down your computer quickly by pressing alt+f4 while you are on the desktop.         Win+(1-2-3-4-5 and so on) If you press Win+1 the first window/program which is pinned in the taskbar will open. Likewise, if you press Win+2 the second window/program will open, and so on. Ctrl+Shift+Esc If you press Ctrl+Shift+Esc from your keyboard the Task Manager window will open. Task Manager helps you to monitor the performance of a computer, closing the not responding programs, etc. Ctrl+Win+(Left or Right Arrow Key) If you want to switch between the desktop quickly. Then, you sho

How To Make Old and Slow Laptop Fast?

 Here, You will know how to boost the speed of old and slow laptops and desktop computers. If your computer is really slow then you need to do one thing and that is: Replace Harddisk With SSD: SSD is a solid-state drive. It is a storage device that is a lot faster than a hard disk. The hard disk is one of the oldest and slow storage devices whereas the SSD is a new and fast storage device. The Read/Write (Receiving/Transfering of Data) speed of SSD is more than a hard disk. How Can SSD Improve The Speed Of the Laptop? Whenever you open a file or software stored on your storage device, the processor process the file and load it into the RAM. When the Read/Write speed of the Storage device high the file or software loads faster. But, When it is low the file or software takes a lot of time to open. SSD can improve the speed of your laptop and desktop computer because its read/write speed is higher than the old hard disk. So, If you want to improve the speed of your old and slow laptop, up

Why Should You Have A Laptop?

  A laptop is a portable and versatile device. It can help you with a lot of things like Entertainment, Education, For Doing Office Work, etc. Here are some of the reason why should you have a laptop: Portability: A laptop is a portable device. You can use your laptop while traveling anywhere. You Don't need to sit on a chair for a long time as you do on the Desktop Computer. Versatility: You can use your laptop for different purposes. It can be either for creating documents, computer programs, watching movies, playing games, etc. Big Screen Size: If you love to watch movies and videos then a laptop would be a great choice for you. High Storage Capacity: You can store all the memorable images and videos from your smartphone to your laptop. You can insert 1TB-2TB storage on your laptop easily for high storage capacity. For Professional Works: If you are one of them who makes computer programs, apps, websites, and edit videos, documents and images then you must have a la

Can Smartphone Replace DSLR Camera?

 Today's Smartphone Cameras are very powerful. They can capture great images and videos. But, Can Smartphone Replace DSLR Camera? Nowadays, every smartphone company likes SAMSUNG, APPLE, etc are working on improving smartphone camera. Today's smartphone can capture high-quality images and videos. Especially, on flagship phones like Apple iPhones and Samsung S Series and Note Series Phones. So, there is no doubt today's smartphone cameras can capture great images and videos. But,... Can Smartphone Camera Replace DSLR Camera? I guess No. Because DSLR is a professional photography tool. It is specially made for capturing images and videos. All the people will only use their smartphones to capture images and videos in the future. But, All the photographers will use DSLR Cameras for their photography. Smartphone helps you to capture images and videos quickly. But, DSLR helps you to capture better images and videos cause it has big image sensor than a smartphone. Many people may

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