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10 Facts About Technology - SmartTechTip

 1. The letter "e" in the Google Logo is always tilted.        2.The animal on the logo of FireFox is not a Fox. It's a red panda.   3.  The first Apple Logo was Designed  by Ronald Wayne .                                 4. Your Smartphone is 10x dirtier than toilet seat.   5.Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest all are banned in China.                                 6.The world largest harddrive is a 60TB SSD.   7. The QWERTY keyboard was actually designed for slow down your typing speed.   8. The word 'Emoji' come from Japanese. 'E' means Picture and 'moji' means Character. Emoji=> Picture Character.   9. 30th November is known as "Computer Security Day".   10. 19th August is known as "World Photography Day".     

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