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7 Creative Uses Of OTG

OTG(On-The-Go) is one small gadget that is used to connect two devices for sharing data and power. Here are 7 creative uses of this OTG Cable: 1. Charge Other Smartphone You will not believe that you can charge other smartphones by using OTG. Simply you have to connect OTG on one smartphone and then connect Charging USB Cable In OTG USB port and Type-C port on another smartphone.   2.Connect Flash/Pen Drive You can connect Pendrive, card reader, and other external storage devices in your smartphone by using OTG cable. 3.Connect Mouse/Keyboard   You can connect the mouse and keyboard on your smartphone through OTG. Fun fact mouse and keyboard works very well with today's smartphone. Isn't that crazy?       4.Print Documents From Smartphone You can directly print documents from the printer by just connecting the smartphone with a printer USB cable. You need to use OTG cable for connecting the printer with a smartphone.     5.Play Games With Controller You can connect Video Games

How To Delete Gmail Account?

STEP 1: Sign in with your google account   STEP 2: Open Google Account Setting     STEP 3: Scroll Down     STEP 4: Click On Delete a service or your account     STEP 5: Then, Click On Delete Your Account     STEP 6: Enter your account password for confirmation     STEP 7: Select Both Option & Then,Click On Delete Account   STEP 8: Your Google Account Is Deleted, But it will take a few days to delete your account permanently. Which means you have still some amount of time to recover it.    

5 Tips To Become A Computer Genius

If you want to become a computer genius or expert then you need to follow these five tips. Remember you have to follow these tips every day, every month, and every year if you want to become a real computer genius. Those 5 tips are:

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