OPPO New Rollable Smartphone - OPPO X 2021


We have seen a foldable phone which folds and becomes into a smartphone and after unfolding, it becomes like a tablet. But, OPPO has made a new innovative Rollable Smartphone. The smartphone display can be rolled and convert into a tablet as well as a smartphone.

OPPO has used a motor and flexible display to make this innovative smartphone. The flexible OLED display rolls inside and outside the smartphone after pressing or sliding on the power. OPPO also said this smartphone can be rolled 100,000 times which is good for long-term uses of the smartphone. Although it is officially not launched in the market. But, we will soon see this type of rollable smartphone in the future.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

OPPO X 2021 has advantages over foldable phones like the screen does not get crease like other foldable phones and it has also some disadvantages like the dust can easily get inside the smartphone because of the rollable display, since it has a motor and rollable display it is difficult to make it waterproof.

Soon this rollable phone technology will be more advance and become waterproof, more durable, and more affordable for everyone. Let just wait for the right time.

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