Anonymous Threaten Elon Musk for Bitcoin

For the last few days, a Video Called "Anonymous Message To Elon Musk" is going viral. In the video, Anonymous threatens Elon Musk because of his tweets on Bitcoin. The hacker claim Elon Musk is the reason why Bitcoin value decreased. At the end of the video, the hacker said "You May Think You Are The Smartest Person In The Room But Now You Have Met Your Match".

The video currently has 2.2M+ views on YouTube. The video wasn't uploaded on Anonymous Official YouTube Channel or anywhere. It was published by a channel called Anonymous that currently has 177K+ subscribers on YouTube and there are only 3 videos on the channel.

Someone on Twitter replies to the Anonymous Twitter tweet by saying "Hi can you confirm that this is maded from you?". And They replied, "Again, all the best - but no". Anonymous has not threatened Elon Musk anywhere on their all official social media.

Is this Fake News?

Maybe or maybe not.
Maybe Anonymous hasn't threatened Elon Musk. But, there is a strong signal or message that some other hacking groups are trying to do this. Because Anonymous officially claimed on Twitter that they haven't posted the video.
Can't say anything right now. But it is a mind-blowing story or whatever.

What's your opinion about it?

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