Is iPhone More Secure Than Android Phone?


 In the smartphone market, Android phones and Apple iPhones are very popular. But, did you ever think which is more secure for you/ for the user?

Is iPhone More Secure Than Android?

Yes, Apple iPhone is more secure than the Android because of the following reasons:

  • Android Users:

There are more Android Phone users than iPhones. Because of lots of Android users, it is targeted with lots of malware and viruses.

  • Apple Doesn't Allow iPhones Users to Do Lots of Task:

On an Android smartphone, you can do lots of customization, you can download install 3rd party Android Apps from anywhere, sharing files. All these things are advantages too. But, that increases the case of vulnerability and data theft of the user.

On iPhone iOS, you cannot do all those customizations, installing Apps from anywhere, etc. iPhone does this to reduce the vulnerability and making their iPhone simple and the best.

  • iPhone Software and Security Updates

Most of the Android smartphone brands(not all the brands) stop getting software and security updates from the company. Whereas, on iPhone, you will get at least more than 5 years of security update on a new iPhone.

That doesn't mean Android is the worst at security things.

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