How To Make Your Computer Fast?

If your computer is running slowly, it takes a lot of time to open an app, takes a lot of time to boot, etc. Then, You must follow the points mention below:

1.Disable Startup Application

If some application starts running itself when you open the computer, then you should disable those startup apps. For that, You have to press Ctrl+Shift+Esc Key from Your Keyboard to open Task Manager. Then, Click On the Startup Option and disable those apps(Don't Disable Important System Apps).


2.Free Your 'Local Disk(C:)' Space

If you have those files, folders, and applications that you don't use, then Delete or Uninstall them. Because your computer system becomes slow when the Hard-Disk is full. So, Always Try to Keep Your Hard-Disk Storage Free.



3.Uninstall Unnecessary Application

You should delete those applications that you never use. Go to 'Control Panel' and then go to the 'Uninstall a Program' Option to delete those applications.

4.Delete Temporary Files

Whenever you install and use apps, a lot of temporary files are created and stored on your hard-disk. All these temporary files are useless. So, You must delete them.

First of All, Open Run Command(Press Win+R key from Keyboard)

Then, Type "Temp" and Delete All The Files Permanently.


Then, Type "%temp%" and Delete All The Files Permanently.


And Then, Type "prefetch" and Delete All The Files Permanently.

5.Restart Your Computer

Restarting Your Computer can fix the small error on your computer system. So, You must restart your computer system.

6.Upgrade Hardware

If your computer is still slow after doing all the things, then you should upgrade your computer RAM, Processor, and HardDisk. In a laptop, It might be hard to upgrade hardware. But, You can easily upgrade your RAM, Processor, HardDisk, and other components on your desktop.

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