5 Cool Smartphone Hacks

 A smartphone is a great gadget ever made. In this post, I will share some smartphone hacks or tricks with you. They are:

  • Check Remote Battery Life

If you want to check your TV, AC, or other Remote battery life. Then,

  1. Open Smartphone Camera App
  2. Point Remote IR Emitter to the Camera
  3. Click any button of a Remote.

If the light blinks then your remote battery condition is good and if it doesn't blinks then buy a new battery for it.

  • Charge Phone Faster

If you want to charge your smartphone faster then you just need to do one thing. That is turn On Airplane Mode while charging your smartphone.
Airplane Mode disables all the Settings like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Phone Network, etc. that decrease the consumption of battery power.

  • Save Your Smartphone Battery

If you want to save your smartphone battery start using dark wallpaper and dark themes. If you have an AMOLED screen then you must do it to save your smartphone battery life because AMOLED screens consume less power while displaying a black image.

  • Make Your Smartphone Fast

If you want your smartphone to work smoothly then you must restart your smartphone once or a couple of times a week. Restarting the device clears all the files from the RAM. It is also like a small break for a smartphone.

  • Avoid Ads While Playing Offline Games

I am sure while playing offline games you see lots of annoying ads. If you want to avoid those ads while playing games just turn off your Wi-Fi. Now, you will not see any ads while playing games.

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