Why iPhones Don't Have Memory Card Slots?

Do you know that iPhone user can't use the memory card to increase their smartphone storage? Apple iPhone doesn't have any microSD card slot to put the memory card. That means Apple doesn't want to allow its user to use a memory card in their iPhone. But, Why? Why Apple Doesn't Allow Its User to Use Memory Card on iPhone?

Why iPhones Don't Have Memory Card Slots?

There could be various reasons. But one of the main reasons is that the memory card actually slows the smartphone performance. You Can Also Read This Article Called Why You Should Not Use Memory Card On A Smartphone? to know why and how a memory card slows down your smartphone performance.

Apple doesn't allow its user to use memory cards because Apple doesn't want to ruin its brand value because of a slow memory card. Memory cards actually have read/write speeds. Memory cards with low read/write speed are cheap, and the high read/write speed of memory cards is expensive. People mostly buy a cheap memory card with low read/write speed to increase their smartphone storage. They don't even know because of their cheap and slow read/write speed memory card, smartphone performance decreases. Again to know why and how, Read This Article: Why You Should Not Use Memory Card On A Smartphone?

Apple doesn't allow its iPhone user to use memory cards to prevent smartphone performance problems. If Apple allowed its user to use memory cards on their smartphone and the users start using a cheap and low read/write speed memory card, the iPhone will become slow. And if iPhone becomes slow, everyone will blame and criticize Apple for making a slow iPhone that will affect the brand value of Apple. To deal with this problem, they simply don't give any memory card slot on their iPhone. No memory card slot, no use of slow memory card to slow down the smartphone performance.

In Conclusion, Apple doesn't allow its user to use a memory card on their iPhone because if the user uses a slow memory card, the iPhone performance will become slow which will ruin the iPhone user's experience that will also harm the Apple brand value.

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