Why iPhones Don't Have Memory Card Slots?


 If you have used Apple iPhones then you might know that iPhones don't have any MicroSD/Memory Card Slot. But, Why?

Why iPhones Don't Have Any Memory Card Slot?

iPhones don't have memory card slots because Apple doesn't want to ruin the User Experience of iPhone users. You might be shocked after listening to that memory card is also one of the reasons for making smartphones slow.

The internal storage of a smartphone has fast Read/Write speeds and the external memory card has slow Read/Write speeds. That Read/Write Speed of memory card makes smartphone slow. Because the smartphone has to read/write the data from the storage to RAM according to the user. If the Read/Write speed of the memory card is slow, the smartphone will become slow, if it is fast then the smartphone will run fast.

People can use a cheap quality memory card and make their smartphone slow and blame the smartphone company. That's the reason why Apple iPhone doesn't have any Memory Card Slot.


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