Why Smartphone Battery Drains Even When You Are Not Using It?


Have you ever wonder why our smartphone battery drains even when we are not using it? If your answer is yes then you will also love to know the reason behind battery drains.

Why Smartphone Battery Drains Even When You Are Not Using It?

It is so because your smartphone still does some tasks. It manages the time and date, the Operating System is still using a processor for managing your device information like location, background apps, etc, if you have turned on Wi-Fi or If you have a SIM card on your smartphone it tries to connect to the router or network tower and if you have enabled Voice Assitant, or Voice Command features, then the microphone is turned on every time, etc. All these things consume your smartphone battery in the background which is also the reason of battery drains even when you are not using it.

How To Get Rid Of It?

Honestly, you cannot stop some battery drainage of your smartphone. But you can apply some tips and tricks to increase your smartphone battery life. 

 Read This Article For Info(5 Tips To Increase Smartphone Battery Life)

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