LG Stops Making Smartphone


LG is one of the most popular brands in the world. They have made a lot of electrical items and gadgets including TVs, Smartphone, AC, etc. Among all the gadgets LG is going to stop making Smartphones.

LG had made smartphones for a long time. They had made lots of experimental and innovative phones.

Why LG Stops Making Smartphone?

On their official website, LG said that They will stop making smartphones and start focusing more on making and experimenting on Electric Vehicle Components, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and their other services.
Another reason can be their Smartphone marketing. LG had never marketed their smartphone properly. LG had made lots of good smartphones. But, many people don't know about it that causes the loss to the company. That can be the reason why LG Stops Making smartphones.

Will LG Smartphone Get Software Updates and Other Services?

LG said that they will provide Software Updates and other services for a while. So, If you have an LG smartphone then you can expect Software Updates on it for a period.

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