Why You Should Not Use a Memory Card On The Smartphone?

Almost every smartphone user has used or maybe they still use a Memory Card to increase their smartphone storage. If you still use a Memory Card to increase your smartphone storage then I will say stop using it right now because it is one of the main reasons to slow down your smartphone performance. Do You Know Why iPhones Don't Have Memory Card Slot? It's because Apple doesn't want to ruin the iPhone user experience because of the memory card.

How Memory Card Slows down the Smartphone Performance?

To know how memory card slows down the smartphone performance we need to understand how these storage devices work.
A storage device is used to store and copy any type of digital data in it. To store the data in it we copy a file from another storage device and paste it on it right. The data copy/paste process is called Read/Write. Every storage device has its own read and writes speed like some memory card, pen drive, internal storage of the device, etc can have read/write speed of 5MB/S, 20MB/S, 100MB/S, etc.

Usually, the read/write speed of the internal storage device of a smartphone is very high like 100MB/S, 200MB/S, etc. So, there is not any problem with the internal storage of the smartphone. But, when it comes to using a memory card, most people use low read/write speed memory cards like 2MB/S, 5MB/S, etc. Since the read/write speed is slow, the data sending and receiving speed will also be slow. Your slow memory card cannot read/write the data of your smartphone quickly which will make your smartphone slow.

Should We Stop Stop Using Memory Card On The Smartphone?

Today's smartphones are coming with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and more high internal storage options. So there is no point in using a memory card. But if you don't have any storage on your smartphone and want to use a memory card then you can use those memory cards whose read/write speed is high like 10MB/S, 20MB/S, 30MB/S, 40MB/S, etc.

In conclusion, Using a memory card on a smartphone is not a bad idea unless you are using a cheap memory card whose read/write speed is very low.

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