5 Awesome Computer Shortcut Key Tricks You Must Try


A computer is a cool machine. You can do lots of stuff on it. You can even become cooler after knowing these 5 Short Cut Key tricks given below.

  • Minimize All Open Windows/Program At Once

If you are in hurry and want to minimize all the open programs on your computer at once. Then, you should press the Win+D key from your keyboard. After this, all the open programs will minimize. You can maximize all the programs again by pressing the same key combination Win+D.

  • Open Windows Settings Quickly

There is also one shortcut key to open Windows OS Settings. If you press the Win+I key from your keyboard the Settings will open.

  • Shut Down Your Computer Quickly

Many people usually shut down their computer using a mouse. But, there is also a shortcut key to shut down the computer real quick. If you press the Alt+F4+Enter key your computer will shut down.

  • Lock Your Computer

If you press the Win+L key from your keyboard your computer will be locked. This shortcut key is one of the useful shortcut keys.

  • Delete The File Permanently at once

When you delete any file from your File Explorer it goes into recycle bin. To remove it from Recycle bin, you open and delete that file from it. But, what if I tell you there is a shortcut key to delete the file permanently. If you select the file or files and press the Shift+Delete key you can permanently delete that file or files at once.


Win+D, To Minimize all the Open Program
Win+I, To Open Settings
Alt+F4+Enter, To Shut down the Computer
Win+L, to Lock the Computer
Shift+Delete, To Delete File/Folder Permanently


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