Do You Share Your Password With Friends?


Do you share your smartphone password, social media, or online account password with your friend or anyone? If your answer is Yes. Then, you are doing wrong. Your account might be at risk.

Have you ever wondered why we add a password to our smartphone and other online accounts?

It's because there is something important, personal and confidential information about you on that smartphone and that online accounts. Otherwise, why will you add a password to unlock or log in to your smartphone and accounts? Cause there is something.

Should I Share My Password With My Friends or Anyone?

Big No. You should never share your smartphone password, online account password with anyone. Not even with your best friend.

Why Should I Never Share My Password With My Friends or Anyone?

Because a lot of illegal activities can be done using your smartphone, social media, or online accounts. Some of those activities are:

  • Sharing Inappropriate Content through your social media account.
  • Spamming or Scamming someone using your accounts.
  • Blackmailing or Threatening someone using your accounts.
  • Selling your personal information to illegal websites or illegal people.

, etc

They Can Even Use Your Social Media Account To Blackmail You or to involve you in some illegal activities using your Social Media Account or your data on your smartphone.

What Should I Do Now If I Had Shared My Password?

Go and Change your Online account password right now. While creating a new password try to make a strong 12digit+ longer password including Alphabets, Numbers, Special Character, etc. So that no one can guess your password easily.

If you haven't shared your online account password or your smartphone password with anyone then you are safe now. 

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