4 Website To Use If You Use The Internet


Internet is an awesome place. You can find almost everything you want. In that everything, you can also find some bad things like a virus, malicious app, etc. and to be safe from all those malicious files and things, below I have mentioned 4 Website to be safe on the Internet.


VirusTotal.com is a website that analyzes the files/URL link and detects if there are viruses and malicious files or not. You just need to upload the file/app or the URL of the website to check it. You should use this website if you download files and apps from different websites.



HaveIBeenPwned.com is a website that will check if your email account is hacked/compromised or not. If you ever find something suspicious on your account like someone is trying to log in or someone is accessing your account and changing information then you must check this website.


Who.is is a website that stores the registered information of domain name and IP. You can check the information like who is the owner, is the domain expired? etc.
You cannot see that information if the owner had hidden it. But, you can find stored information of some websites.


10minutemail.com is a website where you will get a temporary email ID. You can use this Email ID if you don't want to sign up on any website using your real ID. After 10 minutes that email ID will be expired. 

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