What Age Should A Child Get A Smartphone?


A smartphone is a great tool for doing timepass by using social media and playing games, for learning new things and skills through Internet, etc. Usually, adult and college students use a smartphone. But, right now many teenagers and children are demanding a smartphone from their parents. Should parents provide smartphones to their children at a young age? At what age parents should give a smartphone to their children?

Should parents provide smartphones to their children at a young age?

Yes and No.
It's a debatable question. Some parents provide a smartphone to their children at a very young age and some parents provide a smartphone to their children when they are in college.

By using a smartphone your children can learn a lot of new things through the internet. He/she can be updated with the current world through the internet. He/she can easily communicate with you and his/her friends for help and other things. And lots of good things your children can do using a smartphone.
But, lots of bad things can also happen like your child can see inappropriate and disturbing content on the Internet because the Internet is free, anyone can post the opinion and content openly. Your children can be addicted to social media and playing games, etc.
That means giving a smartphone to children can be both advantages and disadvantages.

At What Age Parents Should Give A Smartphone To Their Children?

If you have decided to give your child a smartphone then the second question is at what age. In my opinion, you should provide a smartphone to your child at the age of 13 or 14. Because this is the age where a child understands lots of things about the world.

Things To Do When You Give Your Child A Smartphone:

  • Always monitor what he or she is doing.
  • Check his/her app uses history and browsing history.
  • Make sure if he or she is not involved in bad activities like cyberbullying, harassing, etc

When your child gets older like 16, 17 years old then you can stop all those above things.

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