12MP vs 48MP vs 64MP vs 108MP | Does More Megapixel Equal Better Image Quality?

Right now, In a smartphone, you will get a 48MP Camera, 64MP Camera, 108MP Camera, and so on. But, Does this number of megapixels improve the image quality?

What is a Megapixel?

Megapixel means a million pixels in an image. Pixel is the small dot or square on the image. By combining millions of pixels, one image is formed.
1 Megapixel = 1 Million Pixel,
2 Megapixel = 2 Million Pixel,
12 Megapixel = 12 Million Pixel,
48 Megapixel = 48 Million Pixel,
64 Megapixel = 64 Million Pixel,
and so on.


Does More Megapixel equal better image quality?

No. A Megapixel is just a million pixels in an image. Many other factors also matter while capturing an image like Image Sensor, Aperture, Megapixel, Lens, and Software. 


If you have a 108 Megapixel Camera with a small image sensor and a 12 Megapixel camera with a big image sensor. Then, The second one will have better quality.

It's because, in a big image sensor, the pixel size is bigger. If the pixel size is bigger, it can capture more light. Whereas in a small image sensor, pixel size is smaller that captures less light.

Hence Proved,
More Megapixel with a small image sensor is not equal to Better Image Quality.
Less Megapixel with a big image sensor is equal to Better Image Quality.

Does 48, 64, 108 Megapixel is really 48, 64, 108MP camera?

I think, No. It's because it's difficult to fit a 108 MP camera on the small image sensor.

How Today's smartphones have 48, 64, and 108 Megapixel Camera?

By Decreasing the size of a pixel if you divide 1 pixel into 4 small pixel, then, 12 x 4 = 48 Megapixel, 16 x 4 = 64 Megapixel, 27 x 4 = 108 Megapixel.

That means a 48 Megapixel camera in a smartphone is a 12 Megapixel Camera.

If 48 Megapixel is equal to 12 Megapixel. Then, Why Smartphone Companies are marketing it with a 48MP Camera?

Smartphone Companies are doing this to create hype for their product. They also know more megapixel is not equal to great image quality.
 But, a lot of people think that more megapixel is equal to better image quality. That's why smartphone companies give more megapixel camera in a smartphone.

Remember while capturing an image lots of thing matters like Megapixel, Image Sensor, Aperture, Lens, and Software Optimization.

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