Why Everyone Is Switching from WhatsApp To Telegram and Signal App?

 After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, a lot of people are switching to telegram and signal. But, why?


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WhatsApp New Policy


Why everyone is switching to Telegram and Signal?

People are switching to Telegram and Signal because of the new policy of Whatsapp.
According to the New policy, WhatsApp will share your information with Facebook.
And That is not good for the privacy of the user.

Why WhatsApp is sharing user information with Facebook?

Facebook is going to use the WhatsApp user data for the advertisement purpose on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook will show you ads according to your data.

Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook.

Is there any problem?

Yes, there is a problem. Your personal data is being shared and used for advertisement purposes.
Before the policy, WhatsApp was popular for its End-To-End Encryption chat feature. That means only you and the person with whom you are chatting can read the chats. But now, the privacy of the user becomes a joke.

Do you need to switch from WhatsApp To Telegram and Signal?

Yes, If you don't want Facebook to use your private information for advertisement and other purposes.

Why Switch From WhatsApp To Telegram and Signal?

The reason to switch to Signal is End-To-End Encryption chat. In the Signal, you will also get voice and text message features like Whatsapp.

In Telegram, you will get one feature called 'Secret Chat' that works as End-To-End Encryption. You can even create a big community on telegram.

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