Why Should You Never Visit Dark Web?

 Internet is divided into three parts. They are Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web.

Dark Web is part of the Internet that is not visible publicly. You cannot access the dark web content by searching on google. To access it, you need a specific browser like TOR. It is only almost 5% of the Internet. But, I will never recommend you to visit Dark Web. 

Why Should You Never Visit Dark Web?

The reason You Should Never Visit the Dark Web because a lot of illegal activities are done on the dark web like Selling Drugs, Bitcoin services, Hacking, Child Pornography, Selling Weapons, Phishing, Scams, and all the others illegal activities. 

You can be hacked, scammed, or involved in illegal activities if you visit the dark web.

The dark web is a dangerous part of the Internet. You should be aware of it. Never try to explore the Dark Web. Take this as only for knowledge purposes.

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