How To Charge Smartphone Properly?

 In this post, I will share with you some tips to charge your smartphone properly. They are:

1.Charge With An Original Charger

Never charge your smartphone with a duplicate charger. You have to use the charger that comes inside the smartphone box. You can even charge your smartphone with another brand's original chargers, like You can charge your Samsung Phone with an Oneplus Charger, OPPO phone with Realme Charger, etc.

2.Remove Back Cover While Charging

Your Smartphone produces heat when you plug in the charger. If you remove the cover, the heat will easily blow.
If you don't remove the smartphone cover, the heat cannot blow anywhere, which will increase the temperature of a smartphone.

3.Charge Your Smartphone Upto 80%

Charging your smartphone up to 80% increase the life span of a battery.
Today's phone is smart enough. They can turn off the power supply when the smartphone is fully charged. But, it is still connected to electricity that increases the heat in a smartphone.

I Hope This Was Helpful. Don't Forget To Give Us Your Feedback:)

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