Dark Mode | Why Should You Use Dark Mode? | Things To Know About Dark Mode

 Nowadays, in every smartphone and computer, You will see one feature called Dark Mode. What is Dark Mode? Why should you use Dark Mode?


What is Dark Mode?

The dark mode is a feature that enables a dark theme on an app or a whole operating system.

Why Should You Use Dark Mode?

Reason To Use Dark Mode Are:
1.Dark Mode consumes less battery power if you have OLED, AMOLED displays.               (Click Here, To Know More About Display)
2.It reduces Eye Strain while looking at a display.
3.It helps those people to see at the screen who struggle to look at a bright light.

When To Use Dark Mode?

You can enable dark mode the whole day on your smartphone or your computer system.
 But, my recommendation is to use a dark mode at night time. Because at night time, your eye strain while looking at the screen. Dark Mode will reduce eye strain that will help you to focus on your computer-related work.


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