500 Million Facebook User Number Leaked

Once again, The Facebook user data is leaked. In the past time, we have heard a lot of news related to Facebook user data leaks. 

Right Now, One news is circulating all over the world about the 500 Million Facebook User Phone Number Leak.

How Does This Happen?

The data is leaked because of some bugs on the Facebook server. 

Are there any problems with the data leak?

Yes, there are a lot of problems with the user data leak. Imagine your phone number is leaked and, one random person is doing phone calls and messaging you. They can do scams with you, blackmail you, etc other bad activities.


What to do If you are one of those people whose Phone Number is leaked because of Facebook?

Well, You cannot do anything because you are not controlling facebook. You don't know where your and other user data are stored. All these things are managed by Facebook itself.


One thing you can do is from now you should never share your personal and confidential information on Facebook and the Internet.


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