How Long Can We Use The Smartphone?

 What is the average life span of a Smartphone?

On average life span of a smartphone is around 1.5 - 2 years

What is the reason for the short life span of a smartphone?

Hardware Damage:
If your smartphone battery, display, camera, speaker, and other hardware damages after dropping on the land or water or by some other factors, the life span of a smartphone decrease.

How To Increase the life span of a Smartphone?

1.Use Screen Gard and Phone Cover to protect the smartphone body and display.
2.Charge Your Smartphone properly and take care of a battery. (Click Here, To Know How To Charge Smartphone Properly)
3.Delete all the unwanted files/apps from your smartphone.
4.Keep your smartphone away from water and dust particles.

In this way, You can increase the life span of a smartphone.

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